Study Abroad

Studio art and architecture majors are encouraged to explore opportunities for study and research in the United States and abroad.

These opportunities can provide breadth and depth to students' creative development. Students should consult the Office for International Studies and their faculty advisors early in their sophomore year to see how specific programs might complement and enhance their plan of study.

Planning a Semester or Year Away

Bear in mind that no more than two units of transfer credit will be counted towards the minimum requirements of a major in studio art, art history, and architecture; these units will not take the place of 300-level courses. If approved by the registrar and the relevant program director, additional transfer credits will count towards completion of your Wellesley degree.

Students should plan their non-Wellesley coursework in conjunction with their advisors. Transfer of credit request forms should be submitted through the Registrar’s Office before a course is taken; there is a form for courses taken abroad and another for courses taken at institutions in the United States. 

No requests will be considered for departmental approval or credit in the major without an attached syllabus; in addition to the syllabus, you should attach or provide links to any additional pertinent information to make your case. Requests submitted after the fact or when the course is in progress will be approved only under extraordinary circumstances. Studio Art courses taken elsewhere must be documented with class materials and a portfolio of the work produced in the course; schedule a meeting with the Director of Studio Art to have your portfolio assessed when you return to campus.

students standing around table examining small paper artwork