Students must complete a minimum of 11 units to fulfill the major, comprised of:

•   ARTH 100. Advanced Placement or transfer credit will not be accepted in fulfillment of this requirement.

•   ARTS 105 (Drawing I)

•   Any two of the following: ARTS 106, ARTS 108/CAMS 138, ARTS 109, ARTS 110, ARTS 111, ARTS 113, ARTS 115/WRIT 115, ARTS 165

•   An Art History course addressing twentieth-century or contemporary art.

•   At least five studio courses above the 100 level. At least two of these must be at the advanced (300) level. Note that some 300-level Studio Art courses may be elected more than once for credit in the major.

•   Formal presentation of an independent, thesis, or advanced studio project in a senior exhibition.

*   Students graduating in 2021 and beyond are required to complete ARTS 317/318 to fulfill the major. ARTS 317/318 is typically a yearlong seminar divided into one half-credit session offered during the fall semester and a second half-credit session offered during the spring semester. Students considering majoring in Studio Art should plan to enroll in this course during their junior or senior year.

Students graduating in 2020 or 2021 are strongly recommended, but not required, to take ARTS 317/318 during their senior year.



Studio Art minors must complete a total of seven units to fulfill the minor, comprised of: an art history course (normally ARTH 100 or CAMS 101), two studio courses at the 100 level (one of which must be ARTS 105), plus four additional units in Studio Art, one of which is at the 300 level (ARTS 250s and ARTS 350s excluded). It is strongly recommended, but not required, that students take at least one semester of the ARTS 317-318 seminar during their senior year.



See information at the Studio Art thesis link.

For the 2020-21 academic year, special circumstances led to a new approach to honors in studio art. We asked all seniors pursuing honors to focus on advanced projects within the framework of their 300-level studio courses and enroll in ARTS 318 (our capstone seminar) in term 4.  During this final term students expanded or refined the projects begun in 300-level courses, developed an artist’s statement and project statement, and co-organized a publication and exhibition of their work in a senior show. A faculty committee met to conduct a final review of this show, assess the senior projects, and determine who shall receive honors in the major.  



Students considering M.F.A programs in the visual arts should aim to develop a deep major (more than the minimum 11 units) and pursue affiliated course work in Art History, Philosophy and Visual Culture whenever possible. Since contemporary art is often interdisciplinary, students are encouraged to discuss the breadth of their course selections with their studio advisors.


Students interested in obtaining certification to teach art in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should consult the director of studio art and the chair of the Department of Education.


UPDATED 10/20/2021