The Cage

Equipment Cage: various cameras sitting on top of a flat file

various cameras sitting on top of a flat file

Located in room PNW 310A (Pendleton West, 3rd floor), the Art Cage sells exclusive art papers for painting, drawing, and printmaking classes, and provides temporary checkout of photo, video, and new media equipment to all Wellesley students enrolled in a photo, video, or media-related class. Open hours and the current rules and regulations are posted below. All checkouts, renewals, and reservations must only be conducted in-person during hours of operation. The Art Cage is closed on holidays as well as the winter, spring, and summer breaks.

Students enrolled in general visual art classes can have limited access to select equipment, too, so talk to your adviser. Contact Farimah Eshraghi (feshragh x3540) for any additional questions.

Students are encouraged to schedule training on any of the borrowable equipment by contacting the technology support specialist.
Contactless Art Cage Equipment Pick up and Drop off - INFO FOR FALL 2020
Starting Monday, August 31, 2020, the Cage will no longer offer direct, stop-by pick up or drop off for equipment. In order to protect the health and safety of the Art Department community, an appointment will be required to pick up items. There will be a cart available to drop off equipment outside the Cage.
The Cage will be open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, and closed on weekends.
To schedule an appointment for equipment pick up or drop off, please contact Farimah Eshraghi at or 781-283-3540. She can answer any questions about this process when you email or call to schedule your appointment.
More Information about Reservations
• Please note that you need to fill out a liability form before reservations can be made.
• Please allow for 5-10 minutes when equipment is checked out. Bring your Wellesley College ID with you when you check out items.
• The borrowing period varies depending on type of equipment. Make sure you are clear on the length of your reservation when you check out equipment.
• Equipment maintained and loaned by the Cage is in high demand. Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Advance reservations are highly recommended to ensure that you have access to the equipment you need on the dates you need it. The Cage cannot guarantee that the equipment you need will always be available; if you do not plan in advance, it may be checked out by other students.
• If you need to renew a reservation, you must do so in person at the Cage. Not all equipment is eligible for reservation renewal.
• Equipment is separated into General, Photo, Video, and Media pools. All Art Department students have access to the General pool, but other equipment pools are restricted to relevant classes.
• You may receive faculty authorization to borrow specialty equipment by contacting the relevant photo, video, or media professors.
Responsibility of user
• Equipment borrowers are responsible for returning equipment on time.
• Equipment borrowers are responsible for treating equipment with care so as to not damage items.
• It is your responsibility to ask for help if you do not understand how specific equipment works.
• Bear in mind that if you check out equipment and then let someone else use it, you are still responsible for the condition and return of any equipment and peripherals signed out under your name.
• Make sure to back up any data before returning equipment with memory. The Equipment Cage is not responsible for any data lost while using these items. Memory storage devices are periodically wiped and formatted, so you should not expect your data to remain available once you have returned your equipment.
• Equipment loans are free.
• Equipment is subject to late fees ($5 per day, per item), and may also be subject to repair/replacement fees if lost or broken. This is strictly enforced in an effort to reduce impact on your fellow classmates' equipment access.
Questions? Need help?
Technology Support Specialist Farimah Eshraghi