Jewett Sculpture Court

Jewett Sculpture Court: students and faculty install large cardboard sculptures in the Sculpture Court

students and faculty install large cardboard sculptures in the Sculpture Court
The Sculpture Court is located on the third floor of the Jewett Arts Center in the west wing. It was designed by Paul Rudolph for the Wellesley College Museum, which was housed in Jewett when it opened in 1958.
One of Rudolph's most beautiful and elegant spaces, the Sculpture Court was filled with ancient and medieval sculpture, Greek vases, and other works of art, including a large mosaic floor panel, now in the Davis Museum, which was embedded in the floor at the center of the space. Rudolph's light-filled, multi-level room proved to be a perfect environment for learning about art, since it not only provided a quiet gallery for study and contemplation, but also offered multiple-vantage points -- especially the stairs and balconies -- from which to view the collection.
black and white photo of the Sculpture Court in the 1960s
The Sculpture Court in the 1960s, with some of the College's sculpture collection on display, including the floor mosaic. Photo from the Wellesley College Image Archives.
Today the Sculpture Court serves as additional exhibition space for the Art Department, an occasional meeting space for art-related student clubs, and a place for students, faculty, and staff to relax, hang out, or work between classes.
3 tables of students participate in a quilting workshop in the Sculpture Court
Students participate in a quilting workshop run by Olivia Salomon '19 during the 2019 Ruhlman Conference.
Fall 2020
The Sculpture Court is currently closed to the public. The campus community may access the Sculpture Court from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Social distance guidelines must be respected, and all signage in the space must be respected by students, faculty, and staff.
Because the furniture has been marked to allow for social distancing, we are asking that visitors to the space please refrain from rearranging any of the furniture.
For questions about use of this space and/or its exhibition schedule, please contact Gallery Director Samara Pearlstein (spearls2, x2043).
an oversized red paper fan backlit through windows on the upper level of the Sculpture Court