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Digital Collections

Digital Collections (formerly Visual Resources) serves the Art Department and the Wellesley College community.

We provide high quality digital images to support the educational mission of the department and the college. We also provide technical support to faculty, staff, and departments as we transition to new technologies.

Images provided by Digital Collections are protected by copyright, and may be used only for educational purposes. Reproduction or publishing of said images (including on websites not supported by Wellesley College) is strictly prohibited by law.


General Information

Location: Jewett Art Center on the 3rd floor, Rm. 350A
Hours: by appointment
Contacts:    Marci Hahn-Fabris, Digital Collections Librarian, (781) 283-3331



The Visual Resource Collection dates to 1885, the first year an art curriculum was offered at Wellesley College. Plaster casts were used for study purposes as well as professional study prints during the early part of the 20th century. The VRC currently houses thousands of study prints that were used for student study as recently as 1970, and we have digitized a number of them.

Later, large format lantern slides were used to project images in classrooms. The VRC continues to house an extensive collection of lantern slides in the areas of architecture and painting. With the advent of carousel projectors in the late 1950s the 35 mm slide collection grew and until recently was the most heavily circulated part of the collection. The library moved to its present location on the third floor of Jewett in 1974 when the Davis Museum became the new home to the College Art Museum.

In 2006 the VRC began digitizing the collection and currently has almost 32,000 digital images in our on-line collection. Our collection is currently available through ARTstor on or off campus.  Contact Marci Hahn-Fabris for more information.

In 2015 Visual Resources transferred to the Library and was rebranded Digital Collections. In addition to supporting the Art Dept., we assist a number of departments on campus with their digitization and preservation needs, including Archives, Special Collections, Wellesley Magazine, and Public Affairs.