Planewave 0.7-m Reflector

The Planewave 0.7-m reflector was installed and commissioned during the summer of 2019.

The 0.7-m reflector at Whitin Observatory, built by Planewave in 2018, ---.

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The primary imaging instrument currently on the telescope is a Finger Lakes Instrumentation ---- camera, which has been in use since ---. [Add info about the camera.] The Finger Lakes Instrumentation filter wheel in front of the camera holds 10 50-mm square filters, selected from among a set of broadband photometric UBVRIgriz and colorless filters from Omega Optical, plus 890-nm methane absorption and hydrogen-alpha band filters.

The 0.7-m telescope and its instrumentation has been used since it was installed in 2019 to teach observational astronomy techniques to intermediate and advanced students. It's also heavily used to carry out research programs at the Whitin Observatory.  Current research programs include exoplanet transit observations for the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite project.

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