Field House Renovation

Please visit the Campus Renewal Site and The Dirt for renderings and updates about the Field House Project.

Relocation Information during Field House Construction
The primary space closure is ONLY the Fieldhouse, one of the three buildings within the Keohane Sports Center (KSC). The “Recreation” and “Pool” buildings will remain open, with limited closures for building code updates as required by the Town of Wellesley. 

Field House Spaces

  • Spinning Room -- Spin bikes will be relocated to B01, a glass-back squash court in the lower level of the KSC.
  • Cardio Corner -- Cardio equipment (18 pieces currently located in the “cardio corner” of field house) will be relocated to Cazenove Residence Hall Dining Room. Because this equipment is in a residence hall, it will be designated STUDENT-ONLY USE. The space will be card-swipe accessible seven days a week, 7am to 11:30pm, with limited exceptions for scheduled Physical Education classes. All times will be posted outside the space. Faculty and staff have access only to the cardio equipment in the lower level of the Sports Center, across from the weight room.
  • Erg Loft -- Erg machines will be housed in B03 (raquetball court). Open only to Crew team.
  • Indoor tennis courts and track -- The indoor tennis courts and indoor track will be unavailable throughout the renovation. The outdoor courts and track at the west end of campus will remain available.
  • Climbing Wall -- Unavailable.

Recreation Building Spaces

  • Dance Studios and Multipurpose Gym -- Unaffected, but tightly booked.
  • KSC Classroom -- Unaffected, but tightly booked.
  • Squash Courts -- One glassback court and four sub-level courts are available for squash. 
  • Strength Training Room -- Strength training & cardio equipment are available in the lower level of the KSC. 

Chandler Pool

  • The Pool will remain open throughout the project, with summer closures for building code updates (June 9-27 and August 9-31).


  • KSC Access -- The main doors to the Recreation building will remain open throughout the project.
  • PE Class locations -- Space assignments for PE classes are available on the PE Schedule page.
  • Pedestrian Traffic to West End of Campus -- Field House renovations will affect the exterior area immediately surrounding the Field House. The existing access walkway (adjacent to the south side of the Field House) will be closed for the majority of the project. Pedestrian access from the KSC vehicular loop (near parking garage) to the D parking lot will be made available via a temporary pathway located along the upper practice field. The sidewalk on Rt 135 will remain accessible during renovations and will serve as the alternate walkway around the KSC.