Need a Space in the Sports Center?

Need a Space in the Sports Center?

Wellesley College users...

Wellesley College constituents must submit requests for indoor and outdoor facilities through 25Live (FAQ). Requests for KSC facilities are not being accepted at this time. 

Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead. To insure that your request is processed and approved in time for your event, please submit your request at least 10 days before the first date. Late requests (for events occurring the same day or next day) will not be approved.
To make your request, sign into 25Live with your domain name and password.
  1. To find a space in Keohane Sports Center, click on the "Locations" tab and do a quick search for spaces beginning with "KSC."
  2. Click on the space you'd like to reserve, then click on the Availability tab. Make sure to check availability several weeks into the future if your event will meet on repeat dates.
  3. Click in the availability grid on the date and time you'd like to reserve (or on the "Event Creation and Editing" tab). Follow the online prompts to create your request. 

Non-College users...

Wellesley College is currently closed to all outside rental groups.