Bridget Belgiovine
(781) 283-2001
Physical Ed. Recreation & Athletics
B.S., Trenton State College; M.Ed., Springfield College
Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm or by appointment
KSC, Rm 249

Bridget Belgiovine

PERA Professor of the Practice; Director of Athletics; Chair of Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics

Engaged in integration and promotion of fitness and sports, critical components for lifelong learning and well-being.

My interests center on the importance of sports participation in the lives of students, with an emphasis on girls and women. Understanding the importance of sports as a vehicle to enhance health, learning, and self-confidence in women is central to my work. A particular focus is the advancement of women into senior leadership positions in the sports-related workforce and ultimately society.

As chair/director of an academic department in a women’s college with highly selective academic standards, I strive to model the virtues of fitness, sport, and teamwork among students, faculty, and staff. Although currently not teaching in a classroom, I serve as professor of the practice and teach by observing and promoting PERA’s mission: “To be the catalyst for all students to learn, play, compete to achieve an active balanced lifestyle.” My success is measured against our collective challenge: engaging 60 percent of our students in physical activity on an annual basis. To witness Sports Center spaces filled with physically active students makes my day!

Empowerment, advancement, and mentoring students within sports are my passions, which I pursue through professional service. My involvement with the National Collegiate Athletic Association includes service and employment in the governance of intercollegiate athletics, particularly Division III. I served on the board and was president of the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators. I am involved with the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics and helped establish the Collegiate Events and Facilities Management Association. As a Collegiate Woman Sports Award board member, I participate annually in selecting and promoting the best and brightest female collegiate athletes.

I enjoy watching teams function successfully, including students and coaches on the playing fields, and reading books about empowerment and inspiration. I like to play golf, travel, spend time with my partner, and entertain family, friends, and colleagues.

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