Linda May Sieck

Linda M. Sieck
(781) 283-2119
Physical Ed. Recreation & Athletics
B.A., William Paterson College

Linda M. Sieck

Instructor in Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics

Passionate about creating life balance through yoga, dance, Pilates, meditation, and humor.

My "research" consists of 20-plus years of meeting people where they are and helping them create greater well being; stronger, healthier, freely moving bodies; quiet minds and uplifted spirits.

My teaching focuses on empowering people with the knowledge to safely, confidently develop inner strength and to joyfully move their bodies in celebration of this moment, promoting healthy bodies and healthy minds.

My professional interests revolve around promoting health through activity. I lead daily classes of yoga, Zumba, Pilates, strength, and conditioning for individuals and small groups. I am so blessed to work with people of all ages and abilities to enhance their life quality and vitality.

Be Well is a program I run through Cornerstones of Inner Strength that helps those working to health through life's obstacle courses. Dodging cancer, osteoporosis, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, or obesity, these students have taught me a thing or three about life.

Free time activities include: dancing, skiing, family time, cooking, singing off key