PE 2020-21

Physical Education, 2020-21

PERA has adopted three major changes for 2020-21 in accord with the College's plans for 2020-21 academic year:

1) Moratorium on PE Credit for Co-Curricular Activities for 2020-21

For the health and safety of the Wellesley College community, and to provide equal opportunities for all students seeking/needing PE credit in an unpredictable year, students will be able to earn credit only for completing regular PE classes during the 2020-21 academic year. Students will not be able to earn credit for any co-curricular activities, including varsity sports, club sports, student organization participation, and ROTC. **Please keep this policy in mind as you plan your schedule for the year, as you will be able to earn PE credit only by completing regular PE classes during 2020-21.

2) Virtual PE Curriculum

PERA has modified its curriculum to focus on courses that lend themselves well to virtual instruction, primarily via Zoom. These courses include many of our standard offerings in fitness, dance, martial arts, yoga, and mindfulness, but also include a number of exciting new courses. Enrollment in virtual PE courses is capped at 15 (or less) to help students and faculty develop a sense of community that might otherwise be missing in a Zoom environment. In addition, please note: 

  • Most remote PE classes will require two live Zoom meetings each week, with each student's video on.

  • Registration is open to all students, on- and off-campus.

  • Students must have a reliable internet connection and a flat, open 6'x6' space in which they can safely exercise.

As a pilot, PERA will offer two in-person classes (PE 149-1 Boot Camp and PE 236-1 Core Strength) during Terms 1 and 2:

  • All class meetings will be in-person, with no remote option.

  • Registration is limited to on-campus students only.

  • Classes will meet outdoors when possible. If weather requires a class to move indoors, the class will meet in the KSC Arena and adhere strictly to Wellesley's social-distancing guidelines.

3) All PE classes will be Term courses worth two PE credits

All PE classes will conform to the Term model used across campus. PE classes will also follow the same calendar as academic classes, with the same start and end dates and the same add/drop deadlines. As usual, PE classes are not repeatable.