PE104 Basic Sailing 

Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to rig and unrig a tech dingy using the proper knots, recognize and define the points of sail, sail a figure-8 course set by the instructor using tacking, and define basic sailing terminology. A student will also demonstrate an understanding of her ability to safely handle weather conditions and be able to set their own course on Lake Waban without the assistance of an instructor. See more about Sailing at Wellesley. 
Meeting Time(s): MTh 11:10-12:10; TF 11:10-12:10
Instructor: Dix, Spillane
Prerequisites: Swim Test
Unit(s): 2 PE Cr unit(s)
Semester Offered: Fall, PE Term I
Degree Requirements: PE      

PE125 Modern Jazz, Dance Level II 

Upon completion of this class students will have enhanced their skills and understanding of turns, falls, leaps, and sequences, including Limon’s rise & fall, Graham’s contractions, & floor combinations, and Ailey’s powerful extensions and turns. Students will have an opportunity to learn and use basic choreographic skills, developing their own ‘dance-voice.’ Prerequisite: Dance Basics **This class is for bodies who know how to dance and want to improve and expand their technique through learning longer dances.  An audition will be held in the first class to determine dance level.
Meeting Time(s): TTh 5-6pm 
Instructor: Cameron
Prerequisites: None
Unit(s): 4 PE Cr unit(s)
Semester Offered: Fall
Degree Requirements: PE