Physical Education FAQ

1. How many PE credits does the College require?

The College requires eight PE credits. Semester classes are worth four; term classes are worth two. Students may also earn PE credit for varsity athletics (4 credits per sport per year), certain recreation programs (max 2-4 credits), and pre-approved, instructional independent programs (max 4 credits).

2. Will PE courses appear in my academic schedule in Banner?  Will they appear on my transcript or effect my GPA?

No, No, and No. Your PE courses will appear in your “PE history” in Banner, not in your academic schedule. The only PE-related information that will appear on your transcript is a note indicating that you fulfilled the PE graduation requirement. To check your PE History/schedule in Banner, log into MyWellesley , then click:  Self Service > Student > PE Menu > PE History.

3. Does a physical education course count as one of my four academic classes per semester?


4. When do I register for physical education courses?

For PE registration dates and instructions, click here.

5.How do I add or drop a physical education class?

To add or drop a class during the online registration period, go to the PE Menu page in Self Service and follow the online prompts. 

To add a class after the end of the online registration period, you will need to attend the first class meeting; the instructor will add you to the roster if space is available. 

To drop a class after the registration period has ended, contact the Physical Education Registrar.

6. How can I find out what physical education courses are offered and when they meet?

You'll find the annual PE schedule here. PE classes are also in the course browser.

7. May I take more than one PE course per semester/term?  

Yes, students may take more than one PE course at a time. Note, however, that the online registration system allows students to enroll in only one class and waitlist for one class. To join a second course, you will need to attend the first class meeting.  If space is available, the instructor will add you to the roster.