Policies & FAQs

Physical Education Policies and FAQs

Graduation Requirement

Every student must earn eight physical education credits to fulfill the College's PE graduation requirement. These credits do not count as academic units toward the degree, but are required for graduation. No student is exempt from this requirement. The department strongly encourages students to complete the requirement by the end of the sophomore year. Students may earn PE credits for:
Qualified students may also earn credit for rigorous, instructional independent programs (four credits maximum).


Students are allowed to miss a maximum of two class meetings in a term course and three class meetings in a semester course. 

Repeating Courses

Courses may be taken only once for credit. Students who have already received credit for the semester version of a given class (e.g., Semester Pilates) are not eligible to receive credit for its term version (Term Pilates). However, students who have already earned credit for the term version of a class are eligible to receive credit for its semester version.


If a student withdraws from a PE course at any point during the term or the semester, there is no penalty, nor will the withdrawal appear on the student’s transcript, but the student will not receive credit for that course.

Medical Restrictions

Students with medical restrictions must meet with the College Health Services Staff to be placed on the Department’s Medical Restrictions List. Assistance in choosing appropriate courses is available from the Department Health Services Liaison. In cases where appropriate activities are not available in the curriculum, a Modified Independent Program may be arranged individually through the Physical Education Liaison. No student is exempt from the physical education requirement.

Physical Education FAQ

How many PE credits does the College require?

The College requires eight PE credits. Semester classes are worth four credits; term classes are worth two. Students may also earn PE credit for varsity athletics (4 credits per sport per year), certain recreation programs (max 2-4 credits), and pre-approved, instructional independent programs (max 4 credits).

Will PE courses appear in my academic schedule in Workday? Will they appear on my transcript or affect my GPA?

Yes, No, and No. Your PE courses will appear in your academic history in Workday, along side your academic history. But the only PE-related information that will appear in your degree audit or on your transcript is a note indicating that you fulfilled the PE graduation requirement. 

When do I register for physical education courses?

Visit the Registrar's Page for registration dates and times. 

How do I add or drop a physical education class?

To join or drop class during the PE add/drop period, use the registration and drop buttons in Workday. If a class reaches its enrollment maximum at any time during add/drop, the waitlist will become active. Add yourself to the waitlist via the course browser and attend the first/next session. If space is available, the instructor will offer you a seat through the waitlist app.

To withdraw from a PE class after add/drop ends, please contact the Registrar's Office (registrar@wellesley.edu).

How can I find out what physical education courses are offered and when they meet?

You will find course descriptions and scheduling information for PE classes in the course browser.

May I take more than one PE course per semester/term?

Yes, students may take more than one PE course per semester.