Chandler Pool, Fall 2020

For the health and safety of the College community, students will be required to use the R & R system* to reserve a lane in the pool during open pool hours. Only single lanes will be available. Each reservation will be for 45 minutes. Walk-in use of the Pool is discouraged. Please make a reservation.

Pool Hours (eight lanes available during each time slot):



*R & R Resource Type is "KSC - Pool Lanes".

New Pool Protocols

  • Users with R & R reservations will enter the KSC thru the Main Doors and check-in at the Front Desk.  
  • All users must arrive with SWIMSUIT ON and ONE personal bag of belongings that will stay with them and be kept in assigned spaces on the pool deck.
  • Once reservation is confirmed with Front Desk Staff, users will access the pool thru the open Main Pool door, turn right and walk to the end of the hallway.
  • Once on the pool deck, lifeguards will assist with locating assigned pool lane as well as storage of personal items.
  • Users will then shower on deck and be cleared to enter the pool and begin their workout.
  • Once at assigned lane, masks may be taken off.
  • At the conclusion of their swim, users put mask back on, dry off, put clothes back on, then exit the building using the exit doors by the Coaches Offices.
  • There will be no location to change before or after swimming.
  • There will be no pool equipment available for use (kickboards, fins, noodles, etc)
Note: During this early phase of re-opening, the KSC will be open only for current on-campus students. The KSC will not be open for Wellesley College faculty, staff, or union employees. We will also be closed to ALL outside memberships (alumni, professor emeriti, family, children) and all outside rental groups.