Group Fitness Classes


In Person Group Fitness

Wellesley Recreation is providing in-person fitness classes to on-campus students. Group exercise classes are a great way to stay connected, relieve stress, tone muscles, and provide a renewed sense of well-being. Participation  registration via R & R is required.   

Group Fitness Classes start Wednesday September 15






Barre Tuesday 5pm Dance Studio 202 Sarai




Dance Studio 202


Spin Sunday 11:10am Spin Studio Phoebe
Spin Tuesday 5pm Spin Studio Victoria
Spin Wednesday 5pm Spin Studio Claire
Spin Wednesday 6pm Spin Studio Anna
Spin Thursday 4pm Spin Studio Anushe
Spin Thursday 5pm Spin Studio Amira
Spin Saturday 11:10am Spin Studio Portia
Strength Sunday 11:10am Dance Studio 202 Lily
Yoga Tuesday 4:00pm Dance Studio 202 Elle
Zumba Thursday 4pm Dance Studio 202 Josefina

(Schedule updated 9/7/2021)

We will not hold Group Fitness Classes on the follow dates:

  • Friday 8-Oct-21 No evening classes
  • Saturday 9-Oct-21 No classes
  • Sunday 10-Oct-21 No classes
  • Monday 11-Oct-21 No classes
  • Tuesday 12-Oct-21 Yoga class only
  • Tuesday 23-Nov-21 No evening classes
  • Wednesday 24-Nov-21 No classes
  • Thursday 25-Nov-21 No classes
  • Friday 26-Nov-21 No classes
  • Saturday 27-Nov-21 No classes
  • Sunday 28-Nov-21 No morning classes
  • Tuesday 14-Dec-21 LAST DAY for Group Fitness


Class Descriptions

Set to fun and energetic music, each class incorporates an upper body workout with weights and a combination of high-intensity sequences of thigh, seat and core exercises at the barre. We always include a releasing stretch after we work a muscle group, which results in stronger and more elongated muscles while gaining flexibility. Each class is designed for you to feel invigorated, challenged, and inspired.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
High intensity workout that will target on getting your heart rate and body temperature up! The workout will be a total of 45 minutes and will consist of upper and lower body movement patterns that will increase your heart rate in a short amount of time. Each bout of high intensity will be followed by a short recovery. The exercises will be repeated multiple times to get the most out of the high intensity work and to train the heart to recover more efficiently. The class will end with a cool-down to stretch out the muscles worked during class.

A fusion of outdoor riding techniques transferred to the Indoor Cycle for a unique, user-friendly ride that will give you a great cardio workout. Feel your energy surge with this fun, high-powered cycling class including drills, hills and sprints


This workout will consist of movement patterns incorporating the lower body, upper body and core. It will start with a dynamic warm-up to get the whole body prepared for the workout.  The class will focus on building strength through isometrics, holding positions for extended periods of time, and functional exercises. Participants should expect 30 minutes of hard work with a cool down at the end. 

An energizing and rejuvenating class welcomes all levels of “yogis.” Focus on pranayama breathing with movement while creating strength and flexibility through a vinyāsa flow. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

A Zumba workout mixes body sculpting movements with dance steps derived from cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, hip hop, mambo, rumba, flamenco, calypso, and Salsaton. The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms. It targets areas such as the glutes, legs, arms, abdominals, and the heart. A Zumba class is typically not formulaic in that instructors often add on their own music choices and choreographies to make their class presentation locally unique.