March Ping Pong Madness

March Ping-Pong Madness 


The Recreation program is reprising March Ping Pong Madness! It is a campus wide single-elimination tournament, with the ultimate glory of WELLESLEY PING PONG CHAMPION at stake.

Bracket size will depend on the number of registrants. Participants will be randomly seeded into the bracket.

Registration is open this week. All matches can be played on Rec Saturdays in the KSC. Sign up for a table before they fill! 

Each tier of the bracket will have a “complete by” date attached. If you have not completed your match by midnight on that day, we will flip a coin to determine the winner. 

If you have made an honest effort to schedule a match but have received no response or non-compliance from your opponent, please email us at least 24 hours before your Tier Deadline.

Organizing your matches

  • You will receive an email communication about your current pairing.

  • Organize a time to play on Rec Saturdays in the KSC

  • Matches are best-of-five games.

  • It is the winner’s responsibility to email both and cc the loser to report the results. Failure to report results will lead to the coin-flip procedure on the aforementioned deadline. 


We will use the official U.S. Table Tennis Rules. Some key things you may not know about the official rules:

  • Games are to 11, not 21

  • Service is alternated every two serves, not five

  • Service need not be cross-court (that’s only in doubles) 

Notes: Paddles and extra balls will be available on Rec Saturdays 

Final Ping-Pong Matches

WHEN: possibly during the in term week
WHERE: Keohane Sports Center Arena Court

QUESTIONS: Contact Jacon Mayer -