Open Recreation & Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor education has long been recognized as a uniquely powerful way to teach leadership skills. While the Boy Scouts of America are probably the oldest example in the United States, the turning point came in 1965 when Paul Petzoldt, an accomplished mountaineer and veteran of the 10th Mountain Division, founded the National Outdoor Leadership School. Nowadays, in addition to regular student courses, NOLS runs courses for NASA astronauts, Naval Academy cadets, Google, Wharton, and other major institutions that take leadership training very, very seriously.

The secret, if it can be called that, is that genuine experiences—complete with genuine risk—forge skills, hard and soft, unlike anything else. Outdoor education teaches risk management, communication, and tolerance for adversity and uncertainty, to make just a short list. Ultimately, it teaches self-reliance and team-reliance, skills that are difficult to learn in our hyper-comfortable modern world. Students typically learn that they are capable of more than they imagined.

Join Recreation for one or all Outdoor trips this Fall:
Rock Climbing Trip - October 20, 2018
Mountain Climbing Trip - November 10th
Ice Climbing Trip - December 1st 


Open Recreation

Open Recreation provides students the opportunity and space to play games and enjoy activities in a less structured environment. Hours are open to ALL students every TUESDAY and FRIDAY*** from 4-6PM in the Multipurpose Gym located on the second floor of the KSC.

Possible Activities Include: Badminton, Basketball, Dodgeball, Squash, Tennis, Pickleball, Spike ball, Hula hoops, Kan jam, Soccer nets & Your own space for your own activity

Equipment Can be Rented at the Front Desk

Rental Center

The FOWCA Outdoor Adventure Rentals gives students access to equipment to enjoy many outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities equipment, such as tents, skis, sleeping bags, are available for sign out and use. Faculty and staff can also rent equipment, but only during the winter and summer terms.

Location: Keohane Sports Center Front Desk

Reservations are issued with a priortiy to students and distributed on a first-come basis to the Wellesley College Community. All students, faculty and staff must present their One Cards to rent equipment. During weekends with OA trips rentals will not be available.

Hours: Outdoor Adventure Rentals are available when the Keohane Sports Center Front Desk is operational.  CLICK HERE for closures, building and holiday hours.