Outdoor Rental

Rental Options

  • Foam Sleeping Pads
  • Sleeping Bags (various colors)
  • 4 Person Tents
  • Katadyn Water Filter
  • Light My Fire Tupperware (in red, green, yellow & blue)
  • GSI Dutch Oven
  • Cook Set
  • Primus Stove
  • Rome Pie Iron
  • Backpacking Trowel
  • Campsuds Soap
  • Hassock Portable Toilet
  • Emergency Blanket
  • First Aid Kit
  • Garmin E-Trex H GPS
  • Silva Magnetic Compass
  • Assorted Books & Maps
  • H2Zero Dry Sack (in green & blue)
  • Grey Outdoor Products Backpack
  • Navy Seattle Sports Waterproof "Aquaknot" pack
  • Stuff Sack (various colors)
  • Egg Container
  • Headlamp


Snow Shoes & Cross Country Ski Equipment (4-Day Rentals): Return during Sports Center Hours. Please avoid Monday returns.
Customer Inspection: All renters must personally inspect the equipment to ensure they are in working condition and undamaged with all parts included. Any exceptions should be noted on the reverse, as the renter will be charged for any equipment returned damaged or with missing parts.
Equipment Limit: Each renter can take out equipment to outfit themselves. For example one renter can take out one pair of skies, one tent, and one sleeping bag.
Extending rentals: Rental extension may be available depending on current reservations. You must make sure you have notified and cleared the rental extension prior to the return date.
Spring Break: For Spring Break week rentals are available starting Wednesday March 17th and are due back Wednesday March 31st. You must let the front desk staff know it is a rental for all of Spring Break.
Late Fees: Late fee equals $5 per day per item. Equipment more than two weeks late will be considered stolen and renters will be charged the retail replacement cost plus four weeks rental.
Return Inspection: Equipment will be inspected by staff after the date of return. If damages are found or parts are missing, renters will be notified by phone or email and must pay charges within one week.
Damage, Theft, Loss: The signer is solely responsible for any damage, loss or theft of the rented equipment at the retail Replacement or repair cost, plus shipping if applicable. Charge to be determined by Recreation Director.
Cleaning: A cleaning charge of no less than $10 will be made if equipment is returned wet and/or dirty. Charge is determined by the Recreation Director.
Liability: All renters will be required to sign a Liability Statement prior to accessing equipment.