R & R Reservations

R & R System for KSC Use

For the health and safety of the College community this fall, students are required to use the R & R system to reserve fitness sessions in KSC facilities (FAQ below). Students may reserve:

  • Cardio equipment in the Fitness Center
  • Swim lanes in Chandler Pool
  • Kayaks at Butler Boathouse -- Boathouse users must also electronically sign the Boathouse waiver form (link will be in the R & R confirmation email).

Note: You must be on the campus network to access R & R. If you are off-campus, you must use Wellesley's Secure VPN to open R & R.

Walk-in use of the Fitness Center, Pool, Boathouse, and other KSC spaces -- including the Fieldhouse, Multipurpose Gym, and dance studios -- is not permitted. KSC facilities are not available for Wellesley College faculty, staff, or union employees, nor to memberships (alumni, professor emeriti, family, children) or outside rental groups.

General R & R Guidelines (Click on venues for more information)

Fitness Center

  • Each reservation is 1 hour and 15 minutes 
  • Equipment available varies with time slot

​Chandler Pool Swim Lanes

  • Each reservation is for one lane for 45 minutes 
  • There will be 8 lanes available during assigned time slots

Butler Boathouse

  • Each reservation is 1 hour 
  • There will be nine individual kayaks available during assigned time slots

For questions not addressed in the FAQ below, please contact Jacon Mayer (jacon.mayer@wellesley.edu).



How do I book my fitness reservation in R&R?

Log into R & R. Note: You must be on the campus network to access R & R. If you are off-campus, you must use Wellesley's Secure VPN to open R & R.

After logging into R & R, click “Booking”, then select Resource Type:

  • KSC - Cardio
  • KSC - Pool Lanes
  • Butler Boathouse

Select your session/equipment and click "Add" to save your reservation.

Note: Make sure you click "Booking". The "Booking Wizard" does not work well for KSC or Boathouse resources because the available time slots are not "on the hour". 

How do I cancel my reservation?

Log into R&R, go to the Bookings tab and set the date adjuster to the date of your reservation: then click on your reservation (which will appear as a yellow bar), scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up and click “Remove.” Alternatively, you can use the “My Bookings” tab at the top to show all your bookings, click “Modify” next to the booking you’d like to cancel, and then click “Remove.”

How late can I book a fitness reservation?

If space is available, a participant can book a reservation 2 minutes before the reservation begins.

How much time constitutes a “no show” fitness reservation?

If the registered participant does not show up after 15 minutes from the start of the session then it will count as a “no show”. This means the registered participant needs to arrive at the location within 15 minutes of the start of the session.

What are the consequences of a “no show”?

If a registered participant has more than 2 “no shows” then access to that area will be revoked for the rest of the term.  Access will be granted back to that area once a new Term begins. 

Is there a fee associated with a “no show”?

There is no penalty fee, but if a participant repeatedly does not show up to their fitness reservation, they are taking an opportunity away from another student. If a user misses more than 2 sessions, they will be blocked from reserving a cardio session for the duration of the Term.