Recreation Saturdays

Recreation Saturdays - Indoors

Will occur weekly from 10am - 1pm Term 4.  All activities will be in Dorothy Towne Fieldhouse, with reservations through R & R. Activities include indoor tennis (singles only), table tennis (singles only), pickleball (singles only), and “Pop Up” spin classes (10 spin bikes).

Regular Rec Saturday Schedule:

Time* Tennis* Pickleball* Table Tennis*   Pop-Up
Spin Class
10:15-11:00am 3 courts 2 courts 2 tables   10:15-11am
11:15-12:00pm 3 courts 2 courts 2 tables
12:15-1:00pm 3 courts 2 courts 2 tables
*R & R Resource Type is "KSC - Rec"



  • Participants enter the KSC through the main entrance and proceed down the ramp to the check-in table in the Fieldhouse.
  • All court reservations include racquets and balls, which users will pick up at the check-in table.
  • At the end of each session, participants place all borrowed equipment in a cleaning bin for KSC staff to sanitize between sessions.
  • Users exit through the Fieldhouse flagpole doors.
  • **Participants must wear masks AT ALL TIMES. 

How to Play & Rules:

Reserve a spot


Recreation Saturdays Outdoor Pop Up

Wellesley Recreation is excited to offer POP UP Outdoor activties when the weather is sunny. All activities will be on the Upper Field adjacent to the KSC, with reservations through R & R. Activities include Cornhole, Kan Jam, Ladder Ball, 4 Square and Giant Jenga.  Also included will be an in person group fitness class, Outdoor Fitn Fun. Outdoor Recreation Saturdays take place on a POP UP basis from 2 - 5pm.

Outdoor Fit Fun
Outdoor Fit Fun is a fitness class that incorporates full body movement patterns and fun movements (such as cartwheels) that will provide a workout in a fun and energetic way! The class will be upbeat with muliple stations so you are always on the move. There will be rest breaks in class so ou can get the most of the time you are moving! Class will start with a dynamic warm-up and end with a cool-down. Class will be at 2pm on Outdoor Rec Saturdays and will be 45 minutes long. 


  • Participants will check-in at a table next to the Upper Field.
  • All games and fitness session reservations include equipment needed, which users will pick up at the check-in table.
  • At the end of each session, participants place all borrowed equipment in a cleaning bin for KSC staff to sanitize between sessions.
  • Sanitation stations will be spread out around the field. 
  • **Participants must wear masks AT ALL TIMES. 

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Why is the fieldhouse only open for recreation on Saturdays?

There are a number of PERA programs and we must follow campus protocols to keep all students and our staff as safe as possible as we work to accommodate them. Campus and Commonwealth protocols necessitate the need for increased social distance, especially indoors, and we are doing our best to make sure the fieldhouse is being used to the maximum of its potential, as other spaces in the building are closed for safety reasons. For now, that means we have one day a week we can commit to recreation.

If I reserve a court, how do I reserve equipment?

No need! We’ll have staff on hand to provide you with the equipment you need for your chosen reservation.

How many people can play on any court reservation?

Two (Sorry, there will be no doubles play). That means that each tennis court holds two, each ping pong table takes two, and each pickleball net takes two. Two.

The reservation belongs to just one person. You will need to bring your competition with you (don’t expect to be provided with an opponent!). If your opponent cancels, you can show up for your reservation anyway and hope to be paired with someone by the monitor, but we can’t promise anything on that front.

Why can’t I find Rec Saturdays in R&R?

It might be because you’re looking under the Resource Type “KSC - Fitness,” where cardio machines etc. are reserved. These reservations are under “KSC - Rec.”