Special Events

Special Events

Night at the KSC

Thanks for getting to know Rec at our first event of the semester!

Grit N Wit

We loved seeing your brain and your brawn, Wellesley!

Badminton Bonanza

For the very first time, Wellesley Rec is holding Badminton Bonaza: a campus-wide single-elimination badminton tournament to determine who will be the most bodacious badminton buckaroo at Wellesley College! Regular tournament play will take place October 26th - November 16th at Open Recreation hours in the Multipurpose Gym. The competition is open to students, faculty, and staff. Check out the webpage to learn more!

The Whole BLUE

PERA put together The Whole BLUE for the entire Wellesley community. You can participate in the program at any time, from anywhere. The Whole BLUE includes wellness topics, fitness activities, and injury prevention exercises. All you need is your mind, body, some space and a little motivation! Every day includes multiple exercises but you can complete them at your own pace. Complete as many as you wish and feel free to scale anything to your level of fitness or practice. You can also complete the program over a two-week period, alternating wellness and fitness days.