Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Biochemistry Minor

a) CHEM: Either CHEM 105, CHEM 105P, CHEM 116, or CHEM 120.

b) BISC: Either BISC 110, BISC 110P, BISC 112, BISC 112Y, or BISC 116.

c) CHEM 205 (if CHEM 120 was not taken) and CHEM 211.

d) BIOC 219 or BIOC 220

e) BIOC 223

f) One 300-level unit from the following courses:  BIOC 320, BIOC 323, BIOC 324, BOIC 325, BIOC 331, BISC 303, BISC 311, BISC 314, BISC 316, BISC 318, BISC 328, BISC 329, BISC 333, BISC 334, BISC 335, BISC 336, NEUR 332 or other 300-level courses if relevant to the major and approved by the director.

The minor in biochemistry is not open to students with a major in Biological Sciences or Chemistry. 

The College does not allow a course to double-count toward both a major and a minor. Therefore, if a student wishes to count a course that could count toward the BIOC minor toward their major, the student must take an additional course toward their BIOC minor that has been approved by their minor advisor.