Biochemistry 50th Anniversary

Biochemistry 50th Anniversary Celebrations

During the 16-17 academic year, the Biochemistry Program celebrated its 50th Anniversary. 

These celebrations began with a kickoff event held on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. This included a panel of faculty who were involved in the first years of establishing the program as well as talks given by six recent alumna who have used their biochemistry background in various pursuits. 

You can read a brief description of the kickoff event here

Also, recordings of the event can be viewed at the following links:

Introduction (Greetings from Dean Ann Velenchik and President Paula Johnson)

Founding Faculty Panel (Mary Allen, Sonja Hicks and Dot Widemayer)

Talks by Ruth Wang'ondu '07, MD, PhD; Kate Lipford '08; and Natalya Maharaj '09, MD, MPH (moderated by Kaye Peterman)

Talks by Sholka Ananthanarayanan '08; Tracy Wang, PhD '10; Eleanor Fleming '08, PhD (moderated by Kaye Peterman)

Reflection on recent accomplishments and concluding remarks (Don Elmore)


Other events during the year involved seminars given by alumna of the program, including Barbara Nagle '72 (Science Education for Public Understanding, UC Berkeley) and Sarah Schlesinger '81 (Rockefeller University).