Major Requirements

Student in a Chemistry LabRequirements for the Biochemistry Major

BIOC:  219; 220; 223; 320; 323; 331. 324 may be used in place of 323.
CHEM: a) both 105/105P and 205, or 116 and 205, or 120; b) 211
BISC: a) 110, 110P, 112, 112Y or 116; b) two 300-level courses from among the following: 311; 314; 316; 318; 328; 333; 334; 335; 336; NEUR 332 or other course if relevant to the major and approved by the director. At least one of the two 300-level courses must be a laboratory course, excluding 350, 360, 370.
PHYS: Either 100, 104, 106, 107, 108, 109 or equivalent.
MATH: Either 116, 120, or equivalent.

Students should be sure to satisfy the prerequisites for 300-level courses. Students planning graduate work in biochemistry should consider taking additional courses in chemistry, such as analytical, inorganic, and the second semester of organic. Students planning graduate work in molecular or cell biology should consider taking additional advanced courses in these areas. Independent research (250, 250H, 350, 350H, 355/365, 360/370) is highly recommended, especially for those considering graduate studies.

The following BIOC courses are cross-listed in either BISC or CHEM:  219; 220; 223; 227; 320; 323; 324; 331.

BIOC majors should register with the BIOC designation.

A recommended sequence of required courses in the first two years would be as follows:

Year 1: Fall: CHEM 105 or CHEM 105P (or CHEM 120) and Math or Physics or BISC 116 and CHEM116; Spring: CHEM 205 or CHEM 211 and BISC 110, BISC 110P, BISC 112 or BISC112Y (if BISC116 not taken in the fall), Math or Physics (if neither taken in the fall)
Year 2: Fall: CHEM 205 or CHEM 211 and BIOC 219; Spring: BIOC 223 and BIOC 220; Math and/or Physics taken either semester as needed.

In Years 3 and 4, students may elect to complete any combination of BIOC 331; BIOC 320; BIOC 323 or 324; 300-level BISC courses (and independent study)

Please discuss your program with the director or another member of the advisory committee as early as possible, especially if you are planning on international study.