Biology Club


The Biological Chemistry and Biology Club of Wellesley College


Wellesley students, please join our Google Group
You can also check out the Wellesley College (BC)^2 Website here.

(BC)^2 supports the Wellesley College community in pursuing interests in biochemistry and biology.  We:

  • Establish a supportive network among Wellesley College students
  • Serve as a forum for students and faculty/staff in biochemistry/biology to meet and interact
  • Cultivate interest in biochemistry and biology through on- and off-campus events
  • Stay involved in a scientific community at Wellesley and beyond

General Members:

Join the (BC)^2 Google Group - use it as your forum to share, ask questions, etc.!
Plan and participate in major (BC)^2 events:
Annual (at least)
(BC)^2 Field Trip
(BC)^2 Lecture
Sister Chromatids Big Sister/Little Sister mentorship Dinner
ADP (Almost Done Party - Fall) & ATP (Almost There Party - Spring)
Once per semester (at least)
(BC)^2 Dessert Series
Out-of-Lab Lunch Series

(BC)^2 Fundraiser

Super-Committed Members (E-board):

  • Take charge of one or more (BC)^2 events or project.
  • Contribute and execute new ideas for (BC)^2.
  • Act as (BC)^2 ambassadors and liaisons!