Jocelyne Dolce

Jocelyne L. Dolce
(781) 283-3685
Biological Sciences
B.Sc., M.Sc., University of Rhode Island

Jocelyne L. Dolce

Senior Instructor in Biological Sciences Laboratory

Background in functional and evolutionary morphology of vertebrates (i.e., how vertebrate forms relate to function and evolution); teaches introductory cell and organismal biology and comparative physiology and anatomy of vertebrates.

My research background in graduate school was in functional and evolutionary morphology of vertebrates, which means that I studied how vertebrate forms relate to function and evolution. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate career, I specifically focused on the evolution and mechanics of gill ventilation in sharks. While in graduate school, I developed a passion for teaching biology to undergraduate students, and this passion brought me to teach biology laboratories at Wellesley College.

I currently teach sections of biology laboratory for several courses, including Introductory Cell Biology and Introductory Organismal Biology as well as Comparative Physiology and Anatomy of Vertebrates. I also greatly enjoy providing academic advising to students and sharing my experiences in research. I strongly believe in the importance of promoting literacy in, and enthusiasm for, science among young children. Thus, I am active in the Wellesley College Science Outreach Program that brings science programming to children on and off campus. I am the coordinator for the Science Club for Girls program, in which Wellesley College students provide hands-on science curricula to girls of under-represented groups in Boston and Cambridge. It's an excellent program that continues to grow each year!

While I spend a majority of my time in the classroom, I keep myself up to date on current news and research in functional and evolutionary morphology. I am always in search of new techniques or exercises that can be incorporated into our laboratories. As such, I regularly attend research and education conferences that I think will be fruitful and provide ideas that I can bring back to Wellesley College.

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