Adam Matthews

Adam G. Matthews
(781) 283-3313
Biological Sciences
A.B., Ph.D., Harvard University
Science Center Modulars Rm. 202D

Adam G. Matthews

Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Expertise in immunology, molecular cell biology, epigenetics, and biochemistry. Enjoys teaching across the curriculum.

My previous research focused on understanding the mechanisms by which chromatin can epigenetically regulate V(D)J recombination, a process that is essential for the assembly of antibody and T cell receptor genes during B cell and T cell development, respectively. At Wellesley, I enjoy mentoring students who are performing off-campus research at Harvard and MIT.

My teaching spans all levels from introductory molecular cell biology to an advanced seminar on immunology. I enjoy helping students to understand the natural world from molecular, cellular, and biochemical perspectives. And I use real world examples to help students understand how they can apply their knowledge.

I am also interested in new, innovative approaches to science education.

In my free time, I enjoy baking, playing tennis, and spending time with my family.