Janet McDonough

Janet McDonough
(781) 283-3071
Biological Sciences
B.S., Simmons College; M.S., Harvard University

Janet McDonough

Senior Instructor in Biological Sciences Laboratory

Interested in science education, designing engaging labs, and expanding student science outreach to the community.

I devote a lot of time to encouraging expertise and comfort with the technology within the biological sciences. I also enjoy interacting with students as we discuss biological concepts. Always interested in science outreach, I have worked under the HHMI IV grant to organize a large selection of science outreach opportunities for students, now summarized on the Science Outreach website. This rewarding and stimulating aspect of my work also keeps me thinking about the variety of ways people learn and interact. Another wonderful aspect of my life at Wellesley is designing new curriculum for my favorite field of study, microbiology, and the other courses in which I am involved.

Curriculum development and membership in American Society of Microbiology.

I am game to try anything, but my current top three favorite activities are traveling, scuba diving, and hiking.