Kimberly O’Donnell

Kimberly H. O’Donnell
(781) 283-3078
Biological Sciences
A.B., Brown University; Ph.D., Brandeis University
Science Center 376B

Kimberly H. O’Donnell

Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Developmental biologist focused on science education.

I am fascinated by the earliest stages of vertebrate embryogenesis as the fertilized egg cell divides and gradually takes on form and function. My courses include developmental and cell biology, taught at biochemical and molecular levels. In my stem cell biology classes, we also discuss how basic research can become intertwined with clinical applications, ethical controversy, and government policy.

I enjoy supporting Wellesley College students in their extracurricular activities, especially athletics, the Shakespeare Society and cultural events. During the summer, my favorite place to be is on the Maine coast, spending time swimming, boating, fishing and listening to music at Coveside with my husband, 3 daughters, and our dog Logan.