Update: Science Center Renovations

How will the Science Center renovations affect my experience at Wellesley?

Dear Students,


As you have probably heard, our academic home in the Science Center is getting a facelift!  Starting in the Fall 2018 the Science Center laboratory wing (L wing) is getting a much needed facilities update. There are two phases to this large and ambitious project, and the one we will see first is the renovation of the L wing labs.


The L wing houses most of our teaching labs, many of our faculty research labs, and common areas where we house shared equipment. During the L wing renovation, teaching and research spaces in the L wing will be relocated to fully equipped modular labs located in the Gray Lot parking area. Biological Sciences will have access to three modular teaching labs with a dedicated support area and share an additional modular teaching area with other departments and programs. Faculty whose research labs are located in the L wing will also be moving either to the modular complex or to other labs within the Science Center. Please bear in mind that research opportunities are not going away!


We are excited the building will be upgraded. We are also confident that the modular labs will accommodate all of our pedagogical needs during the renovation year. We are working hard to make sure that everything will be in place to provide the best lab experience to all of our students. Our learning objectives for the lab curricula are not changing during the renovation year. In other words, what happens every day inside of the teaching spaces will remain the same.  The modular spaces might even have some pleasant surprises like abundant natural light!


When: Just for the renovation year, Fall 2018-Spring 2019


What: Biology teaching and research spaces in the L-wing are relocated.


Where:  A new modular lab complex will be installed adjacent to the Science Center.


We are working hard on the details of what specific lab courses will be taught in each location, and we will share that information as soon as we have a schedule.  It is still in the early planning stages. We know that moving our labs will take a lot of behind the scenes work, much of which is currently in progress.  


In closing, we want to share with all of you our continued commitment to providing the same level of excellence in our teaching and research in all spaces we occupy.


Please reach out if you have any questions.



Andrea Sequeira, Department Chair, on behalf of the Biological Sciences Faculty and Staff