Cultural Groups

Be Inspired By Difference

Wellesley students come from all over the world. Many religions are practiced on campus. Many languages spoken. Many traditions celebrated. 

Diversity and inclusion are a way of life at Wellesley. We have groups, clubs, and services on campus that support the advancement of social justice and equity. 

Watch for upcoming events on our calendar and check out our resources for more information.

Explore Our Diverse Community

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Intercultural Education

The Office of Accessbility and Disability Resources works with the entire campus community: from applicants and prospective students to lifelong staff members, faculty, alumnae, and visitors for special events. Do not hesitate to contact the office!

The Advisor to Students of Asian Descent provides support services for students to enhance their academic, social, cultural, and personal experiences and to further assist them in their success at Wellesley. 

Wellesley's First Generation Network connects first gen students to one another, to faculty and staff (to build a network of mentors and mentees), and to the first gen alumnae network (to help students once they leave Wellesley).

Harambee House provides social, emotional, and academic support to students of African descent at Wellesley College. Named after the Swahili term for "working together", Harambee has been serving the Wellesley community of African descent since 1970. 

The Office of Intercultural Education develops co-curricular programs of intercultural education to equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need for leadership and life in a diverse and interdependent world. 

The Latina Advisor Office serves as a resource and advocate for all Latina students on campus. The Advisor also offers advice to Latina student organizations and works very closely with the Latina leaders on this campus.

Wellesley is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex students. LGBTQ Services provides education, progrmaming, and advising efforts. 

Students from diverse backgrounds gather at Slater International Center. The space is regularly used for meetings, events, and cultural celebrations. Slater International staff provide a variety of services to suopport international students and scholars. 

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Cultural Student Groups

The purposes of the Asian Student Union are to cultivate awareness in and to promote the understanding of Asian and Asian American affairs by sharing the many facets of the Asian and Asian American experience. 

The Canadian Club's purpose is to provide activities promoting the understanding and appreciation of Canadian culture and heritage. We are bonded by our love of maple syrup, poutine, loonies, hockey, and Tim Horton. Canadians and Canada-lovers welcome!

The Chinese Students' Association serves to raise awareness and build community, by promoting the understanding of Chinese and Chinese-American culture, affairs, and issues. We, also, work with members of the Greater Boston community by participating in community service and projects.

Ethos serves as a support group for women of African descent by enhancing the cultural, political, social, and academic experience of those women at Wellesley. It also pools the resources of the black community, both on and off campus.

Fusion: Mixed-Race and Identity at Wellesley is an organization of student dedicated to raising awareness about common mixed-race and identity themes and cultural intersectionality. We provide a safe and supportive space for community members of mixed-race and their supporters. 

The German Club is a student-run organization that plan outings, events, and enjoys the German language and culture. We enjoy having coffee, snacks and dessert and just talking! Knowledge of German not necessary, everyone is welcome!

Hui O Hawai‘i, Wellesley's Hawai‘i Club, is dedicated to sharing the Aloha spirit with the Wellesley community. Members spend their time making local food together, performing hula dances, and sharing their love for the Hawaiian islands and Hawaiian culture. 

The Japan Club welcomes all students who are interested in Japanese language and culture. Our past activities have included origami-earring making, weekly Japan Table, Japanese curry parties, and sponsoring Japanese tea/flower arranging ceremonies.

KSA is a cultural organization that seeks to cultivate and promote the culture, history, and other areas of the Korean/Korean-American experience. We aim to be a welcoming community for all Wellesley students interested in Korean culture. 

Mezcla is Wellesley's Latin@ cultural organization. We focus on the academic, social, political, and general well-being of Wellesley students of Latin@ descent. Anyone is welcome to join and/or participate in our events, regardless of heritage. 

The Taiwanese Cultural Organization welcomes anyone looking to learn and celebrate Taiwanese culture with us. We also promote awareness and understanding for social and political issues, while collaborating with other Taiwanese organizations in the surrounding Boston area.

WASA seeks to increase awareness of issues pertaining to Africa and the African Diaspora. We regularly host lectures, cultural events, and panel discussions. We encourage members of the Wellesley community and the general public to attend these informative and entertaining events.

The Wellesley Arab Women Association brings together students of Arab origin and heritage, along with members of the greater Wellesley community interested in the Arab world. Through a series of events and weekly open meetings, WAWA aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverse region while celebrating our rich culture and history.

The purpose of the Wellesley Association for South Asian Cultures is to represent and serve the interests of the South Asian and South Asian American community on campus and to promote awareness of the culture and history of South Asia. WASAC is a cultural, political, and social organization that also aims to provide a support system for students of South Asian descent. 

The purpose of Women for Caribbean Development (WCD) is to serve as a support group for women of Caribbean descent at Wellesley College. It is also meant to promote awareness of the region and to give back to the Caribbean community, whether abroad or domestically.