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Religious & Spiritual Life

Religious & Spiritual Life at Wellesley

Education isn’t just an intellectual journey. It’s a spiritual journey, too. Whether you’re deeply rooted in your faith or are looking to explore a new spiritual practice, the Wellesley community is here for you. 

The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life supports all spiritual practices on campus. With events and programs, we explore moral, ethical and spiritual issues. There are also student-led groups that explore faith and spirituality. 

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Explore the Religious & Spiritual Communities 

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The Wellesley Buddhist Community encourages members to believe in themselves, to experience human nature directly, and just like the Wellesley motto, to be of service.

The Hindu Chaplaincy welcomes everyone and strikes to provide an opportunity to all to deepen their understanding of their inner world through prayer, meditation, reflection, and discussion. 

Hillel provides religious, social, educational, and cultural activities for the Jewish and non-Jewish populations alike. Wellesley students have many distinct ways to explore Jewish heritage, religion, and culture from reading the Megillah on Purim to baking cookies for the homeless. 

The Muslim Chaplaincy at Wellesley College supports Muslim students on campus by providing advising, counseling, and advocacy to Muslim students and alumnae for academic, personal, religious, and cultural issues.

The Protestant Community is a chaplaincy in the Protestant tradition, weaving together the strands of our mainline stories with the style and openness of the emerging church. 

The Roman Catholic Chaplaincy works with Newman Ministry, the Catholic student group, to enrich community life for students on-campus and to offer opportunities to develop a greater understanding of one's faith. 

The Unitarian Universalist Community is an inclusive spiritual community. Our meetings vary each week, but we always light the chalice, share words of inspiration, have a moment of silent meditation, and light candles of joy and concerns.