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College Government and Boards

College Government works to administer and implement the various functions and responsibilities of CG by collaborating with student orgs, administrators, staff, chairing Senate committees, and by holding events throughout the year. 

Community Action Network (CAN) is an open discussion forum to challenge and educated students on diversity issues on campus including, but not limited to class, sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, and ability. We improve inclusion on campus through actions like events, projects, and building networks of support between groups on campus. 

The Honor Code Council is comprised of faculty, the Dean of Students and her designees, and students tasked to educate the Wellesley community about the Honor Code and adjudicate violations of the Honor Code.  

The Schneider Board of Governors (SPOG) is responsible for planning and hosting large-scale events like Fall Frenzy and Spring Week. As an organization, we are committed making the social life at Wellesley as exciting and inclusive as possible.


Café Hoop is a student-run, student-owned co-op in the basement of the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center, founded in 1981. Serving up delicious late-night snacks and drinks, the Hoop is a great place to hang out. 

El Table, short for “Elevator Table” (when it began in 1904, it was only a small table by an elevator) is a student-run cooperative café serving sandwiches, salads, soups, and snacks. El Table offers vegetarian and gluten-free options.

This student-managed pub has remarkable red décor and beverage prices. Even if you’re not there for a good, well-priced beer, the pub is a fun place to meet with friends and frequently has live music or parties on the weekends.

Wellesley College's only sustainable living cooperative, the SCOOP is located in Homestead. We live in a conscientiously sustainable and thoughtful manner, working to reduce our impact on the earth and its resources.

Dance and Performance

ascenDance is a contemporary ballet group at Wellesley College. We pride ourselves in experimenting with all kinds of dance styles, including classical ballet, contemporary ballet, and modern. 

As Wellesley’s only improvisational comedy group, Dead Serious takes pride in being Wellesley’s most prestigious improvisational comedy group. Dead Serious performs short and long form improv and online digital shorts.

FreeStyle is Wellesley's premier hip hop dance troupe. We are an open and inclusive dance troupe, founded in the spring of 1997, created to enhance the performing arts and promote hip-hop and funk-oriented dance at Wellesley College. 

Upstage is Wellesley's student theater organization where students are able to apply their liberal arts education to the practice of theater. All our productions are student acted, directed, and designed, ranging from world classics to contemporary drama.

The mission of WADO is to spread both traditional and modern culture of East Asian dance to the Wellesley community and surrounding areas. Members will be able to learn and improve skills in dance through weekly rehearsals and various on- and off-campus performances.

The Wellesley College Dancers is a student-organized dance company that represents a variety of training in the art of dance. Our repertoire reveals a wide thematic and stylistic range, including classical ballet, lyrical, modern, and jazz. 

Wellesley on Tap is a student-run organization dedicated to teaching, learning, and performing tap dancing. Our group consists of the New Troupe (no experience needed!) and Performance Troupe (advanced tappers). 

Yanvalou Drum & Dance Ensemble is a folkloric group that performs the traditional music and dance of Africa as it exists today in Haiti, Brazil, and Ghana among other countries of the African diaspora. 


Aiko, Wellesley College's taiko group, is a musical performance student organization which seeks to promote sensibility of Japanese culture in the Wellesley and Greater Boston area, explore traditional ethnic music and dance, and form a solid, supportive taiko community on campus through performing and teaching taiko. 

Wellesley BlueJazz is the faculty-directed instrumental jazz ensemble of Wellesley College and consists of three groups: BlueJazz Big Band, BlueJazz Combos I, and Combos II. Members become familiar with the work of the jazz greats, are encouraged to solo, and develop fluency in jazz improvisation. We also perform with other groups from Wellesley and colleges in the Boston area.

The Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra is comprised of students, faculty, staff and associates of Brandeis University and Wellesley College. By sharing talents and resources, the BWO provides unique creative opportunities for the communities at both institutions.

The Chamber Music Society (CMS) provides instrumentalist and vocalist students with an opportunity to prepare and perform works in small ensembles. Each chamber group performs in one of several concerts held at the end of each semester. CMS hopes to expose students to a rich repertoire of chamber music and a variety of ensemble experiences. 

The Fiddleheads are a student-run ensemble dedicated to learning and performing traditional and modern music from the Celtic isles. They are open to any interested musician without audition.

The Wellesley College Guild of Carillonneurs carries on the tradition of bell-ringing in Galen Stone, which has continued since the 1930s when the carillon was first installed. The Guild of Carillonneurs is a musical performance group that teaches students to play and perform on the carillon in Galen Stone Tower. 

MIT/Wellesley Toons pulls talented singers from both MIT and Wellesley's campuses. We perform different genres from indie, to pop, to old-fashioned favorites, to goofy songs. We perform on and off campus for events and concerts throughout the school year, and always enjoy being a guest group for other a cappella acts.  

In 1954, Wellesley students, sick of the mundane social scene and lack of musical excitement, came together in Tower Great Hall one night to sing, unencumbered by instruments. Since then, the Blue Notes have arranged and performed songs from a wide variety of genres, from jazz
to pop, having ridiculous amounts in fun in the process.

The Tupelos are the oldest a cappella group at Wellesley, named after the romantic spot on the College’s Lake Waban, “Tupelo Point.” We perform up and down the East Coast, host guest groups, and record CDs. Our repertoire includes pop, jazz, throwbacks, and traditional Wellesley songs.

The Wellesley Widows are a thirteen-voice a cappella singing group. Originally known as the Wellesley College Octet, we are proud to carry on a tradition of fine musical entertainment to audiences all over the United States as: The Wellesley Widows: Dressed to Kill since 1949.

Political Awareness

Active Minds is a student organization for mental health awareness and advocacy, maintaining supportive peer outlets for students, and raising awareness through fun events and programs -- such as the annual pre-finals petting zoo.

We are a social justice organization that educates students on the North Korean human rights crisis. Our primary concern is working to provide comprehensive perspectives on North Korean politics, economy, and society to better understand how to approach its human rights issue. 

The CPLA presents issues of a political nature to the student body in a balanced, non-partisan, and educational manner. We also aid groups which have a political or legislative orientation, coordinate and plan programming to educate the campus about political issues, and provide students with the knowledge of off campus events.

The goal of the International Relation Council (IRC) is to represent the needs and views of International Relations majors. We, also, raise awareness about international affairs with efforts to deepen discussion amongst students of world, social, and political issues.

Sexual Assault Awareness For Everyone (SAAFE) educates our peers about sexual assault, offers support to survivors of sexual violence, and takes part in activism to combat rape culture on campus and in the broader community.

The Wellesley College (WC) Democrats believe in democratic ideals and hope to demonstrate to other students how democratic ideals promote compassion, diversity, and opportunity for all. Our goal is to provide a forum for the discussion of politics and problems facing today's world. 

The Wellesley College (WC) Republicans seek to encourage community involvement in the political party; to foster political expression, debate, and understanding on campus; to educate the Wellesley Community about the platform and positions of the Republican party; and to support candidates in local, state, and national elections. 

Wellesley Asian Alliance (WAA) is an Asian American racial justice activist organization whose mission is to increase curriculum offerings in Asian American Studies at Wellesley College, educate the community about Asian American issues, and work in solidarity with other minority student groups on campus. 

The Blue Cancer Society was the first student organization to provide the Wellesley College community with opportunities in cancer activism and to spread awareness about cancer and preventative measures. In conjunction with the American Cancer Society, we are also working to provide cancer volunteer opportunities and to raise money to support continued activism and scientific research.

WPH is a professional, social justice organization that aims to enhance the Wellesley community's understanding of public health topics by organizing faculty and guest lectures, discussions, service trips, and other activities. We also serve as a pre-professional resource, hosting alumnae panels and admissions representatives from graduate programs.

Wellesley for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Emergency Fund) advocates, fundraises, and raises awareness for the health, education, safety, and rights of children around the world. We organize fundraisers, lectures, and awareness events. We also participate in international UNICEF activities, such as Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and Tap Water Project.


The Agora Society, Wellesley College's Political Society, aims to promote interest in the political questions of the day by translating thought into meaningful action and providing a platform for political advocacy. All members of Agora uphold the pillars of Sisterhood, Citizenship, Politics, and Service.

Alpha Kappa Chi is Wellesley's Classics Society. Founded in 1892 to provide Wellesley women with additional focus on the Classics, AKX strives to promote this academic field across campus. Today, AKX's members uphold the Society's values in our four pillars: Classics, Scholarship, Sisterhood and Philanthropy. 

Made up of a diverse group of young women, Phi Sigma, Wellesley's Lecture Society, incorporates all of the four pillars of our society (Lecture, Social, Sisterhood, and Passion) into their everyday lives. We live by our motto: "Prove all things; forever hold fast to the good."

The Shakespeare Society, founded in 1877, promotes the study of Shakespeare as a means to intellectual development and to encourage love and appreciation of Shakespeare and his works in the College and greater communities.

Tau Zeta Epsilon (TZE), Wellesley College's Art and Music Society, was founded in 1889 to provide an opportunity for additional study of the arts and promote good fellowship among students. 

Founded in 1876, Zeta Alpha is Wellesley's oldest society. We are a proud club comprised of a very diverse group of students who come from various student, cultural, and athletic activities across campus to share in our passion for different forms of literature. Our events include poetry workshops, author visits, and open mic nights, among many others!

Special Interests

À la Mode is Wellesley’s fashion club, dedicated to sharing and celebrating the art of fashion through events such as lecture, fittings, vendor trunk shows and fashion history. We post fashion business articles weekly on our blog, Facebook page, and CollegeFashionista Wellesley page articles.

A.S.T.R.O. Club is a group of "Astronomy Students Toward Recreational Observing." All astronomy enthusiasts are welcome! We help out with public nights at Whitin Observatory, go on trips to dark sky sites, use the college's antique telescopes to observe, and talk about space.

BC^2 aspires to foster a stronger community within the biochemistry and biology departments. We host formal and informal events that promote conversations between students and professors. Additionally, we work to promote awareness of the diverse careers available to STEM majors through events and blogposts. 

Campus Girl Scouts works with young Girl Scouts in the local community by putting on two Interest Project Workshops. We often invite other students, faculty, and staff to present to the girls on topics related to the badge and bring the girls to relevant sites on campus.

Classics Club strives to promote an interest in the Classics and serve as a resource for students interested in the major. Some of our main activities have included museum visits, movie nights, and talks by professors from the Classics Department.

Clio History Club is an open and fun space for both history aficionados and novices alike to gather in the appreciation of the cumulative human experience. We celebrate our passion through adventurous historical outings, lectures, discussions, workshops, games, pub trivia nights, and lunches with the faculty. 

Club Rocks is Wellesley's premiere student geosciences organization. Its purpose is to foster a love of the Earth and all its processes, while maintaining community among geosciences students and enthusiasts. We're the schist.

Counterpoint is Wellesley's monthly journal of campus life. We publish non-fiction articles on just about everything, from politics to the arts, campus life to personal essays. We aim to highlight narratives that mainstream and popular media often fail to bring to the forefront.

The Economic Student Association at Wellesley College organizes events relating to the field of economics and increase awareness of economic current events.

The Film Society holds numerous movie-related events over the year including parties and trivia contests. Primarily, The Film Society screens two films every Friday and Saturday night of the semester, including blockbusters, independents, and documentaries.

GenerAsians is Wellesley's Asian/Asian American magazine for people of all ethnic backgrounds to write about the A/AA community. Published once each semester, GA is dedicated to raising campus awareness of social, cultural, and political issues affecting the A/AA community. 

Legenda is Wellesley's yearbook -- organized and designed by the students. The Legenda staff collects all of the stories, photos, and memories of the year.  

The Wellesley College Mock Trial team provides students with the opportunity to learn about the work of trial attorneys, better understand the judicial system, develop critical thinking skills, and enhance communication and public speaking ability through participation in mock trials sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA).

The aim of Model United Nations (MUN) is to encourage student’s learning and understanding of international relations, diplomacy, and global politics. We host regular workshops that familiarize students with the procedural and international background knowledge required for MUN conferences.

The Neuroscience Club is dedicated to creating a community within the neuroscience major and making neuroscience accessible to the student body as a whole. Through lectures, social events, fundraisers, monthly newsletters, and more, we hope to provide a forum for students to extend their interest in neuroscience beyond the classroom.

Phocus Photography Club, open to both amateur and advanced student photographers, is dedicated to learning, practicing, teaching and exhibiting photographic art. Phocus aims to create opportunities for the Wellesley community to engage with and appreciate photography on and off campus.

The Pre-Law Society's mission is to sponsor law-related events and to serve as a resource for students interested in a law career. We host legal panels, work with fellow legal organizations like Kaplan Test Prep, Blue Print Test Prep, and Phi Delta Phi-the International Legal Honors Society. 

Regeneration provides the community with affordable, local produce from our farm plots. We aim to create a greater awareness of food justice and socio-agricultural issues and to improve community access to sustainable produce.

The Society of Physics Students members have the opportunity to participate in various physics-related activities, including both on and off campus gatherings as well as the annual end of the year physics vs. math softball game. 

The Wellesley Debate Society is part of the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA). We compete in weekend parliamentary debate tournaments across the Northeast. We aim to encourage students' abilities in public speaking and argumentation in a fun yet competitive manner.

Founded in 1901, The Wellesley News is a weekly newspaper run by the women journalists of Wellesley College. We have no faculty advisors or administrative liaisons. The News is issued every Wednesday of the academic year.

The Wellesley Review is a bi-annual literature and arts publication that features the work of Wellesley students, faculty, staff and alumnae. We also sponsor readings and events and hope to maintain an interactive environment pertaining to literature and the arts. 

Wellesley Anime’s goal is to provide opportunities to learn about Japanese culture through its animation and we try to accomplish that in as many fun, unique, and entertaining ways as possible!  

Wellesley College Chemistry Society seeks to promote unity among the chemistry community and inspire students to pursue chemistry by organizing events and allowing students to get to know professors outside of an academic setting.

Wellesley College Television News (WCTV) produces a biweekly satire news show called 'Boobtube.' We write our material, film it with our own editors, edit it, and publicize it. Our goal is to give students experience in all aspects of video journalism.

The Wellesley Globalist is a student run international affairs publication and chapter of Global 21. With its headquarters at Yale University, the Global 21 network includes premier university students around the world and hopes to promote skills in journalism, business, government work, and tackling global issues. 

Habitat for Humanity works with the local MA chapters to help build homes for low income families on day long Saturday trips and provide this opportunity to every Wellesley student. The purpose of this organization is for each member to develop understanding and service for those in need.

The Wellesley College Pre-Dental Society is the best resource on campus for Pre-Dental students looking to learn about what courses to take, dental education community service, the application process, and why dentistry is a great career choice!

WWIB hopes to cultivate members' interest in business, expand their understanding in specific sectors and industries, prepare them for the transition from a liberal arts education into their future business careers, and - most importantly - equip young women with the tools necessary to seize their talent and succeed in the world of business.


Welcome to Electric Ladyland. WZLY (91.5 FM) is the radio station of Wellesley College and is operated as a student activity. Call 781.283.2690 to request something on-air.


The Ballroom Dance Team trains alongside the MIT Ballroom Dance Team and competes in ballroom competitions all over the East Coast. We have dancers in every level, from newcomer to championship winners. 

The Wellesley Equestrian Team is a student-run club of competitive and enthusiastic horseback rides of any skill level. We ride at Rising Star Equestrian Center located in Medway (about a half-hour drive from campus). 

The Wellesley Ice Hockey Team serves to teach the basic skills and rules to students of the game. Membership is open to the entire campus and no previous experience is necessary. 

The Outing Club is a way for the Wellesley community to participate in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, climbing, trail running, camping, and skiing. Our goal is to have fun while fostering a community that has a love and respect for the great outdoors. 

The Wellesley Sailing Team is a club sport and we compete against other varsity and club sport teams in the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association. We practice up to four times a week at the MIT Sailing Pavilion, located on the Charles River. 

The Water Polo Club promotes fitness and team-bonding through playing a very intense and unique sport. We encourage anyone who's an athlete or even looking to get in shape to join, regardless of experience. 

The Quidditch Team enjoys promoting exercise and fun in an realistic imaginary sport. Many may have grown up with, read, and/or watched the tale of Harry Potter and now (Muggle) Quidditch is played in colleges and high schools around the world. 

Wellesley Wushu promotes the appreciation and understanding of Wushu - of both its practice and its intrinsic ties to Chinese culture through performances. Wushu, the national sport of China, is a full contact martial art that stresses its artistry and martial application.