Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide for First Years and Sophomores

Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)
For entering students: Students interested in pursuing a Cinema and Media Studies major or minor usually take CAMS 101 Introduction to Cinema and Media during their first year at Wellesley, offered in the Fall and Spring. Entering students also combine CAMS 101 with an introductory production course: CAMS 138 Photography I, CAMS 135 Introduction to the Moving Image, CAMS 208 Writing for Television, or CAMS 234, The Art of Screenwriting. Students who wish to discover and explore the field of cinema and media studies through a specific topic can ask the permission of the instructor and register for CAMS 218 Theories of Media from Photography to the Internet, CAMS 220 Decolonizing Film History, CAMS 233 Jews and the Media, CAMS 261 African Cinema, or CAMS 277 Film Noir.
For sophomores: Sophomores who intend to elect the CAMS major or minor are strongly encouraged to complete CAMS 201 and CAMS 202 during their sophomore year. These courses will allow for coherent progress in the major and are prerequisites for the 300-level courses. Sophomores who elect the major or minor after completing a 200-level topic course should take CAMS 101 during their sophomore year.
All students interested in production courses should take an introductory course as early as they can, and pay close attention to the prerequisites for the 200-level and 300-level photography, video production, and digital imaging courses.
What can you do with a CAMS major?
updated May 26, 2021