Resources for Distinct Populations

Resources for Distinct Populations

Shared Identity

As a member of the Wellesley Community, you possess an identity that is shared across our student and alumnae network. This identity ties you together in a network as you experience life here on campus, and as you pursue your career pathways beyond.

Intersecting Identities

While your identity as a student or alumna connects you to our community, you also possess a rich intersection of diverse identities that will influence and guide your career aspirations, choices, and achievements. These identities equip you with unique strengths and perspectives that will support your career success, but they may also present you with significant challenges on your career pathway. 

Capitalizing on Strengths, and Navigating Challenges

The way that you view yourself and develop your career interests across multiple identities, including the skills you build from navigating challenges, give you profound strengths that will support you in the face of difficulties and challenges along your career pathways.

If you believe you may have experienced illegal work-related discrimination, you can review federal law and reporting processes here.

Resources for Specific Distinct Populations

Here we provide you with career resources for distinct identities, including funding sources and organizations that will help you to expand your professional communities. In addition to these resources, you also should consider the resources and supports Wellesley provides as in institution.


“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to build community with other like minded people across the country who are dedicated to working on the same kinds of issues that I am.”

“I’m glad I decided to pursue Fulbright. It gave me an opportunity to share my unique experience as an immigrant and first-generation college student, not only with my Chinese colleagues, but also with other international students at Northwest University, who rarely meet Chinese Americans.“ 

Resources for Students & Alumnae of Distinct Populations (Preparing to Apply to Health Profession Schools)

Cindy Seltzer, Ed.D., MBA

A crucial topic in healthcare today is how to eliminate inequities in the quality and availability of medical care for ethnic, racial, social, and economic minorities. There is an urgent need to increase both the diversity and cultural competence of our health care workforce. Learn about resources for underrepresented students and alumnae across distinct populations.

Resources for International Students

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Navigating the college experience can be a complex affair, particularly if you are entering Wellesley from another country. The first stop for you is the Slater International Center, as they will serve as your most important resource at Wellesley. In addition to what Slater has to offer, you will find below some additional career resources.