Technology, Engineering, Physical Sciences

Technology, Engineering, Physical Sciences

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Complex problems. Big questions. Investigation and inquiry. In-depth research. Long-term solutions. Innovation and creativity.

The Technology, Engineering, and Physical Sciences (TEPS) Career Community covers a broad range of career paths and opportunities, but all of them will in some way interact with the themes of problem solving and scientific inquiry. Those involved in the TEPS community are people who are passionate about using their knowledge, skills, and talents to grapple with these themes and work their way toward real-world solutions.

What are some of the real-world topics in need of exploration and solutions in this area? Climate change. Internet of Things. Mars missions. Self-driving cars. Data security. STEM education. Clean energy. These are some of the “breaking news” trends that have emerged over the past several years. With the rapid development of technology and the exponential growth of innovative industries in need of problem solvers, we will continue to see these topics and more evolve as solutions are found and new questions are asked. Individuals in a variety of roles are needed to work on solutions to these questions.

In a traditional sense, the TEPS career community offers opportunities that align with the following academic fields: astronomy and astrophysics, chemistry, computer science, environmental studies, engineering, geosciences, math, and physics. However, since major does not necessarily equal career, anyone with an interest in these academic fields or industry areas can find a segment of their own career journey within the TEPS community.

TEPS opportunities can be found in every sector: academia, government, for-profit industries, and nonprofit industries. Whether you are interested in working in a lab, a start-up, government offices, a classroom, an established corporation, somewhere in-between, or somewhere beyond, you can find opportunities as an analyst, designer, developer, educator, engineer, laboratory technician, policy analyst, programmer, project manager, research scientist, science writer, teacher, and more.  

You are welcome to explore the Technology, Engineering, and Physical Sciences career community and learn more about how your interest areas can connect to real-world opportunities.

Technology, Engineering, Physical Sciences

Green Hall 441
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
Tel 781-283-2910

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Top Job Functions

Class of 2018 Top Job Functions in the Technology, Engineering, and Physical Sciences Community
Engineering - Web / Software
Information Technology
Data & Analytics
Product / Project Management
Writing / Editing
What they studied Where they work or attend graduate school What they do
Psychology Accenture Technology Consulting Analyst
Cognitive&Linguistic Sciences Amazon Data Associate
Computer Science Apple Software Engineer
Neuroscience Booz Allen Hamilton Data Scientist
Mathematics, Economics Boston University Doctoral Student, Statistics
Art History, Computer Science Comcast NBCUniversal CORE Technology Associate
Philosophy CUNY City College Masters Student, Physics
Biological Sciences Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School Research Assistant
Mathematics EverQuote Quantitative Analyst
Economics EY Technology Advisory Program Analyst
Computer Science Facebook Data Engineer
Computer Science, Economics Goldman Sachs Technology Analyst
Computer Science, Mathematics Google, Inc. Software Engineer
Biochemistry Harvard University Doctoral Student, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Computer Science Intrepid Pursuits iOS Apprentice
History Invaluable Associate Software Engineer
Biological Sciences JPMorgan Chase & Co. Software Engineer
Classical Civilization Massachusetts General Hospital Research Technician I
Computer Science Medtouch .NET developer
Computer Science, Middle Eastern Studies Microsoft Software Engineer
Computer Science Northeast Passage Civil engineer in training
Chemistry Northwestern University Doctoral Student, Chemistry
Physics Portal Instruments Test Engineer
Computer Science Stroz Friedberg Cyber Associate
Classical Civilization, Mathematics The Walt Disney Studios Data Analytics Associate
Mathematics University of California at Berkeley Doctoral Student, Mathematics
Astrophysics University of California, Los Angeles Doctoral Student, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Economics University of Southern California Masters Student, Computer Science
Physics University of Washington Masters Student, Civil Engineering, Transportation
Africana Studies, Computer Science Wayfair Software Engineer
* Highlighted outcomes from 2017 graduates

“Chuyue took a summer internship with our Asset Sustainability Group and worked on setting up and evaluating Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) Rules within Ameresco’s Building Dynamics framework. Ameresco had been collecting data from the Wellesley building automation system and Sun worked on establishing the applicable fault detection and diagnostic rules. The final result was a report that could be run across numerous air handling units (across different buildings) for about 20+ FDD rules for a given period to identify when and how frequently the faults occurred.”

Paulson Ecology of Place Summer Internship Program

The Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative inspires and prepares Wellesley women across disciplines to value sense of place and connection to nature in order to enrich their academic experience, personal well-being, and community, so that they make a positive difference in their local and global communities. 


Environmental Career Opportunities (ECO) Job Board

Frances Adjorlolo
Frances Adjorlolo ’08

Wellesley students and alumnae have access to the Environmental Career Opportunites (ECO) job board, where you can find opportunities in conservation, education, policy, science, engineering and more.

Spring Into Career Education

Spring 2019 Career Essentials Schedule

“I have been given challenging projects that not only peak my interests, but also allow me to think outside of the box and collaborate with others.”