First Destinations by Academic Department: 2018–2022 Graduates

First Destinations by
Academic Department

2018–2022 Graduates

One of the top questions advisors in Career Education hear from students is, "What careers can I pursue with my major?" While your major may help inform the career path you choose after graduation, it by no means dictates any one direction. We’ve taken a look at the first destinations for 2018–2022 graduates, broken down by academic department, to better understand the breath of possibility available to Wellesley graduates. Explore the links below to get a sense of the wide ranges of industries, career fields, and job functions pursued by graduates who studied at Wellesley College. For an aggregate look at the outcomes of the most recently reported graduating class, visit our Class of 2022 outcomes page

Thanks to Elaine Liu ’24 and Jenni Quichimbo Auqui '24 for completing the data analysis and data visualization for this project! Please note that departments that have had less than 25 graduates over the course of 2018-2022 are not included.