Funded Internships

Caption: Mehak Sarang ‘18, The Exploratory and STEMKit (formerly SeedKit), Nsawam, Ghana
Caption: Mehak Sarang ‘18, The Exploratory and STEMKit (formerly SeedKit), Nsawam, Ghana

Wellesley-Funded Internships

Internships can confirm a professional interest or lead to a surprising new path. An internship can help you gain confidence; build a network of mentors; hone new skills, and continue to learn about yourself. 

Internships help translate theory into practice and get your foot in the door. While seeing your lecture come to life on the legislative floor is exciting, and securing a job as a result of a previous internship experience is fabulous, we know — and our students discover — that an internship provides so much more than that. Inevitably, internships help our students fully understand themselves and grow academically, professionally, and personally.

Wellesley’s Sponsored Internships Programs

Through our sponsored internship programs, our students gain professional skills, networks, deep immersion in their communities, and an aligned, purposeful career mindset. We achieve this through close collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, including relationships with organizations on nearly every continent. These partnerships provide unparalleled access to a wide-range of industries as well as both domestic and international experiences. 

Utilizing a hybrid cohort model for these competitive programs, selected students first engage on campus in focused workshops before embarking on their placements. Small numbers in each program cohort are maintained to encourage high-level interaction, as well as independently-driven learning. Throughout the summer, students follow a common theme through reflections, action prompts, and self-assessments, and The Wellesley Hive provides an immediate space to connect with others, including our robust alumnae community. These exposures and interactions continuously challenge our students, helping to establish a solid foundation for career development.

Sonia Hupalo ’18, One Hundred Miles, Brunswick, GA
My expectations of working at an environmental advocacy organization were quickly surpassed as I saw the importance of conservation from many different aspects of a nonprofit organization. With this, I discovered new interests, formed new friendships, and acquired a newfound confidence in my competencies to help the community.
Sonia Hupalo ’18
One Hundred Miles, Brunswick, GA
Caption: Nisreen Abo-Sido, ’18, Azuero Earth Project, Panama
Caption: Nisreen Abo-Sido, ’18, Azuero Earth Project, Panama

Initiated in 2016 as a joint effort between the Committee on Curriculum & Academic Policy (CCAP) and Wellesley Career Education, the Summer Internship Credit program was established to broaden our students’ eligibility for internships and other experiential learning opportunities. Knowing that many employers require academic credit for internships, we saw an opportunity to align workplace learning with the academic experience. Assuming an experience meets the standards outlined by Wellesley Career Education, Wellesley College awards transcript credit for summer internships (May to August). Serving as a critical extension of our students’ education, such credit-worthy experiences provide a learning foundation for professional development as it directly relates to a Wellesley liberal arts degree.

Caption: Emily Chun ’17, Community Space Litmus, Korea
Caption: Emily Chun ’17, Community Space Litmus, Korea
Grants for Student-Identified Internships

The College offers opportunities for students to receive stipends for unpaid, summer internships that they find outside of Wellesley’s established programs. Depending on factors such as award type, cost of living, and demonstrated financial need, our award amounts vary; most students will receive about $4,000. Each year, Wellesley Career Education alone awards over $600,000 in stipends to support these typically two-month, full-time experiences. By continuing to build our programs and resources, we are working to ensure that every single Wellesley student connects with Wellesley Career Education and has access to at least one college-sponsored internship by the time she graduates.

Wellesley Internship Programs each have slightly different guidelines and expectations, so make sure to carefully review requirements before applying. Once you are ready to apply, all you need to do is use the Career Education Common Application to submit your materials.

Application Deadlines
All application deadlines are final and fall at 11:59 PM (EST/Boston time).

Monday, November 27, 2017:

  • American Cities Program
  • Biomedical Research and Health Program
  • Elisabeth Luce Moore '24 Internships in Asia
  • Global Citizenship Program
  • Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service Learning

Thursday, March 1, 2018:

  • Academic Department Internships & Grants
  • Grants Program for Student-Identified Internship Opportunities

Wednesday, June 6, 2018:

  • Summer Internship Credit


Exploration Through Internships

85.6% of Class of 2017 graduates had at least one internship during their time at Wellesley College
Funding Opportunity

awarded annually for Wellesley-Funded Internships

Internship Impact on Career Readiness
of Class of 2017 graduates stated that their internship contributed somewhat or quite a bit to their career readiness

2017 Credit for Internships

students received .5 non-academic credit for their summer internship experience
First Years

“’I've definitely created new roots beyond reconnecting to my Asian heritage, and I hope that I’m one step closer to being a true citizen of the world.”

“As an intern with the ABC Beijing bureau, I find myself assigned to a variety of tasks, but much of it is helping to research stories, and I’ve even had chance to write a story of my own!”

Wellesley College Signature Internship Programs

Rocío Garza Tisdell ’07
Rocío Garza Tisdell ’07

Wellesley College Internships are funded internships with organizations who maintain ongoing partnerships with the College to offer intern placement with them every year. Our program partners are leading cultural, educational, and scientific institutions; international agencies; media outlets; advocacy and community organizations; and businesses both within the United States and in countries around the world.

"Medicine is about studying how life works, but the practice of medicine is also learning about life through other people. I have appreciated the opportunity to experience both this summer."

“From the beginning, I was open to learning about this simplistic Japanese way of life and the Japanese work ethic based on old customs of respect, politeness, and nature appreciation from my students, my friends, and my coworkers. I was able to see rural Japan and the rest of the world through their eyes. "