Exploring Graduate School

Exploring Graduate School

Exploring Graduate or Professional School? Start here!

Graduate or professional school can be an opportunity to examine a field of your choice with more specificity and direction. A post-graduate education can give you the tools you need to succeed in the industry of your choice. But how do you know if graduate school is the right direction for you? This page gives you a place to jump in, wherever you are in the process — whether you're just beginning to consider graduate school, researching specific options, seeking funding, applying, or somewhere in between!

Where are *you* in the process?


I’m Considering Whether Grad School is Right for Me.

This resource will get you started by providing an introduction to the questions you should ask yourself in the early stages of exploring graduate school: What types of graduate programs are you thinking about? Why are you interested in and considering graduate study? What are you hoping to be able to do with this graduate degree? And more!


I’m Researching My Options.

Preparation for graduate school can begin any time — during or after your time at Wellesley. This resource outlines how to research programs, and who to meet with while you explore. (Hint: You can make an appointment with your College Career Mentor and/or Career Community Advisors in Handshake to discuss how a graduate or professional degree may or may not help you meet your career goals!)

I'm Seeking Funding for Postgraduate Education.

Everyone will have specific questions regarding their financial situation and how it impacts the entire application and funding process. The resources below will provide information to help you project costs and possible methods of funding including loans, school-based aid, PhD specifics, outside funding, fellowships, and scholarships.

Professional School Resources