Wellesley Grants Program: Application Process & Timeline

This resource page offers in-depth details about the Grants Program application process, timeline, and selection process. For an overview of program eligibility & opportunities, visit the main page for the Wellesley Grants Program.


Grants Program Application Process

Applying to the Grants Program is simple and easy, but it does require students to reflect deeply on their desired summer experience and goals, research internship opportunities, and prepare materials ahead of time.

TIP! Plan ahead to manage your time so you can use the Career Ed resources listed in our Grants Program Application Guide. We’ve also found that students produce stronger applications when they complete our online Application Pathway or meet with Career Ed mentors and advisors for 1-1 support! Schedule an appointment or come to drop-in hours.


Apply to the Grants Program through Wellesley’s Internship Centralized Application. For the application, students are required to submit the following:

  • Resume
  • Statement of Intent
  • Names of organizations to which they have applied or will apply


For the Statement of Intent, students must answer the prompts below in one page (max 500 words).

  1. Career Exploration/Motivation: What type of internship will you be pursuing any why? How will this opportunity align with your interests and career goals to help you grow? How do you envision contributing to your proposed opportunity? TIPS: This means we want you to clearly explain the type of opportunity you are pursuing and your motivations for pursuing it. Give us specific details that directly connect your interests and future career goals to this possible opportunity and explain what you can contribute and hope to learn in the process. 

  2. Academic Preparation: What have you learned already that you can build on and apply to this opportunity? While your answer should focus on academic preparation, you are welcome to mention other relevant extracurricular or volunteer experiences. TIPS: We will be looking for you to discuss specific academic pursuits (and any other applicable experiences) that have prepared you for this possible opportunity (e.g. courses, research, class projects). Do not solely list classes but provide us with clear details about the knowledge/skills/experiences you’ve gained that have prepared you for this possible opportunity.

Our Grants Program Application Guide outlines the application process and provides resources for each step along the way—so students can put together the strongest application possible. 

Things to note:

  • Students do not need to have an internship confirmed in order to apply for the Grants Program, but they do need a clear vision of their proposed summer experience so they can describe, in a compelling manner, how this experience will benefit them professionally, personally, and academically. 
  • Students only need to submit one application to be considered for all our grants as we will assign the award that fits best based on their application materials. Students who think they are a particularly strong candidate for a specific award may note that in their materials.

We strongly recommend students save their work periodically while completing the application. If the application page is open (without activity) for more than 2 hours or a student experiences an interruption in their wifi connection, unsaved work will be lost. 

Applications cannot be edited after they are submitted. If the application deadline has not yet passed and you need to make changes, please contact internships@wellesley.edu.


Grants Program Selection Process

Selection for the Grants Program is competitive—less than 25% of applicants are typically awarded grants. Awards are granted based on the quality of a student’s application materials and the availability of funding to support the proposed experience. These are not need-based grants. 

Selection will prioritize applicants who have not previously received summer funding from the College in order to make funding opportunities equitable and accessible to all Wellesley students. 

Students will be notified by April 9, 2021 about award selections.


What If I Am Selected for a Grant?

Students awarded a grant have until May 26, 2021 (the last day of Spring Term 4 classes) to secure an internship and confirm their internship opportunity with Career Education. In order to do that, students must submit the online Internship Agreement, online Risk & Release form, and your employer offer letter through the internship centralized application

Once your materials are received, the Career Ed staff will confirm that the internship meets our eligibility requirements and start the stipend process. Note: Stipends will be paid via direct deposit only; payment by check has been discontinued. For direct deposit, students must have a US bank account, so please be sure you have one available.

Career Ed will verify that you are set up for direct deposit in Workday and submit the payment to the account on file. If you do not have banking information entered in Workday, we will have the system email you a link to a banking app. The bank account information you enter in the app will transfer into Workday. 

Workday Tip: You may view the bank account information in your Workday profile by clicking on the “Pay” icon and viewing your payment elections. If you need to change the bank account listed in Workday, please contact Dotti Koulalis in Accounts Payable (dkoulali@wellesley.edu). Students who submit bank information through the banking app will not have any information under pay elections.

FAQs for the Grants Program

See here for frequently asked questions about the grants program.