Hive 2020: Supporting Students & Alumnae in the Covid-19 Employment Landscape

Hive 2020: Wellesley Career Education’s strategy for supporting students in the wake of Covid-19
From need-blind admissions, through student support services, and into career planning, Wellesley is committed to creating equity and access to opportunity for all students. To meet the unprecedented challenges of this moment, Career Education is embracing a bold new approach for supporting students. Hive 2020 is a holistic strategy designed to focus Career Education’s advising, generate new opportunities, and activate the Wellesley network. It is scaffolded by three pillars:
Students are exploring and launching their careers in difficult circumstances, marked by uncertainty, grief, and displacement. A heightened focus on care from our staff, and an emphasis on self-care, will be central to our work in the coming months.
Networks of support have always been a critical aspect to building a successful career. Now, more than ever, the strength of the Wellesley network—alumnae, staff, faculty, families—will be essential in helping our students explore and embark upon careers.
In this changing world, all industries need the leadership of women who will make a difference in their respective fields. We are committed to supporting students in finding pathways to meaningful work built upon their interests, values, and strengths.


Virtual Services for All Students

The pandemic has affected future plans for many, including job projects and internships. Please know that you are not alone, and that our team is here for you as you adapt to this changing landscape.

College Career Mentors, Career Community Advisors, Alumnae Career Advisors, and the Fellowships team are all available for remote appointments with students and alumnae to discuss impacts to your career journey.


Supporting Seniors

Current seniors acutely feel the impacts of the coronavirus as they approach their career search and an uncertain entrance into the workforce. Hiring freezes and delayed starts have left our seniors in particular need of support from the Wellesley network as they prepare to launch their careers.

Alumnae Mentorship

Career Education reached out to all alumnae in The Wellesley Hive to identify volunteers for the Senior Support Network. We were overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of support from the Wellesley community, with over 500 mentors signing up to support 325 seniors. Career Education matched seniors with mentors based on their unique employment and industry interests, and is considering ways to engage the generous offer of mentorship for the remaining alumnae. 

Now more than ever, we are so grateful for the strength of the Wellesley network. Thank you for your partnership and participation!

Alumnae Volunteers


Bridging the Internship Gap

While Wellesley funded internship programs will still support some virtual experiences, others will no longer be possible due to many employers’ changed circumstances. To support students who are now without summer opportunities, Career Education will be supplementing our funded internship program with alumnae-sourced, short-term virtual projects.

Introducing Hive Internship Projects

Hive Internship Projects are short-term, virtual experiences that are designed by unbundling long-term internships and separating out individual projects that can be completed remotely.  Students benefit from working on a real-world project for an alumna or employer, while organizations gain timely support from students. Opportunities last 2-4 weeks, or approximately 40-80 hours, and students will receive a stipend upon completion of the project.

Sample Hive Internship Projects

Supporting nonprofit development work for a youth advocacy foundation
Logo Design
Designing a new logo and brand for a company in the arts industry
Working on a communication and social media project for a public health company
Online Education
Supporting online curriculum development for a new virtual learning company
Completing an annotated bibliography for a book chapter being written by a professor
public health
Public Health
Supporting a public health community organization that primarily serves individuals dealing with substance abuse and homelessness


Virtual Programming

Career Education is continuing its regularly-scheduled programming in virtual format, and will also be offering a series of events throughout the coming months to meet the unique needs of this moment.


Supportive Resources

Career Education is developing specialized online resources to help students and alumnae adapt to changing trends and opportunities across all industries.