On-Campus Recruiting

What is On-Campus Recruiting?

The On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) program is when employers from diverse organizations and companies come recruit students via Wellesley for internship and full-time opportunities. The "on-campus" recruiting program is taking place virtually for 2020-21.

 Guide to OCR Participation

What types of employer events are available?

After you complete your profile, browse Handshake's event section to learn about employers coming to campus.There are a variety of employer-led events, including:

  • Career fairs: large-scale events where you can meet with various employers at their table within a 3-4 hour timeframe.
  • Mock interviews: opportunities for you to conduct practice interviews with a company representative.
  • Informational sessions ("info sessions") and coffee chats:, take various forms (consult event description for specifics). This event type includes skill-building workshops (resume review, cover letter tips, etc.) and company/culture-overview presentations with a targeted recruiting component, to make students aware of available opportunities and how to apply.

After you find an event that you are interested in, just click "register for event" on Handshake and remember to mark your calendars with the correct date and location. Additionally, there is an option to "follow" an employer. On the employer's profile, click the blue "follow" button to be notified whenever the employer posts a job or comes to campus.


employers participated in on-campus events in 2017-18

What do I do before an on-campus employer event?

Do a search of the company and understand what types of jobs and internships they offer. RSVP on Handshake, mark your calendars, and come with a list of prepared questions. You will get out of the event what you put into it, so by researching in advance you will make the most of your experience.

What do I do if I can no longer attend an event I have registered for?

If you are no longer able to attend the event, please remove your RSVP from the event in Handshake, notify Career Education. It is important to be mindful of Wellesley's relationship with employers and our professional reputation when no longer able to commit to an event.

What do I do at these on-campus employer events?

When you arrive at the event, please check in with someone from Career Education. If there is time before the event begins, feel free to introduce yourself to the presenters — make a good first impression. During the event, stay attentive and take notes about the job and company-specific details to ask later during questions and answers. At the end of the event, follow up with each presenter by asking additional questions and obtaining their contact information to keep in touch. These events are an opportunity to gather information about the company, roles, industry, career paths, etc. but the representatives are also a contact for you. Keep your lines of communication open so that you are able to reach out to them now or in the future.

Career Fair

Support & Further Resources

Why are these events important?

The job search may often be daunting or discouraging. OCR is an incredible lever to utilize in trying to find an opportunity that fits your interests, experiences, and background. At these events, you will be able to meet with employer representatives and alumnae, some of whom you may interview with in the future, so be sure to make a memorable impression. At Career Education, we encourage students to build their personal advisory board. This board, which may consist of representatives you meet at OCR events, will serve as mentors and advisors with the capacity to help you throughout your entire career. From all of us at Career Education, we wish you best of luck as you embark on the OCR process. Browse the additional resources below, and don't hesitate to reach out to the Employer Engagement team if you have any questions. We are here to support you through the OCR process and beyond.