Alumnae Resume Examples

This resource provides four alumnae resume samples. Whether you are a recent graduate, a career changer, or a senior executive, your resume is a selection of information that you will use to introduce yourself to people in your field and prospective employers. As you update your resume during your career, think about your most relevant experience, your most recent experience, and what is most important for an employer to know about you. Consider making an appointment with an alumnae career adviser or a career community adviser in your industry to discuss how best to communicate your background and accomplishments on your resume.

Anna Garcia
This is a resume example for someone who has recently completed graduate school.

Sadie I. Thomas
This resume is an example of a tech-focused resume with some results oriented language and use of numbers to demonstrate results.

Kimberly Santos
This an example of a resume for someone with significant corporate experience and multiple positions with the same employer.

Lucinda Stellar
This alumna has a PhD and different types of experience.