How to Apply for Signature Internship Programs

We want all internship applicants to feel prepared and confident. Learn about application requirements and how to prepare your materials.

Students may apply to one Signature Internship area (e.g., American Cities Internships or Global Citizenship Internships) and up to two placements within a selected area in a given application cycle. Applications to more than one internship area from a single student will not be considered. After you decide which internship area and placement(s) interest you, you will need to prepare your application. 

We want to help every applicant submit their strongest application. To this end, Career Education has created a short and simple Application Pathway designed to direct students to our many resources and provide support as they prepare their application materials. We encourage all students to engage with the Pathway and complete it before they submit their internship application. Our experience has shown that students who actively and thoughtfully engage with our resources and services are more likely to have successful applications. 

Application opens: October 26, 2020

Application deadline: November 30, 2020 at 11:30 pm EST

Follow these steps to apply for Signature Internships.

  1. Review the Signature Internship opportunities available.

  2. Prepare your application. Complete the Application Pathway, which reviews our application process and the principles of a strong resume and cover letter as outlined by our Career Essentials Resources

  3. Complete the online application as indicated. You may save your work and return at a later time to complete and submit it. Applications cannot be edited after they are submitted. If the application deadline has not yet passed and you need to make changes, please contact

  • Answer three short-answer questions (maximum 150 words each). Questions are provided below.

  • Upload Resume (PDF format only)

  • Upload a Cover Letter for each placement to which you would like to be considered (PDF format only; if applying to two placements, combine both letters into one file). Cover Letters should be addressed to designated internship contact.

After you submit your application, you will receive an email confirming submission. Please retain this email receipt for your records. 

Short Answer Questions. As part of the application, you are asked to thoughtfully answer the questions below. Each response field has a 150-word limit. It is critical that you do not go over this limit. The application platform warns you when you reach the word limit, but allows you to keep typing. Any text submitted beyond the 150-word limit is truncated by the platform and not included in your response. 

  • Why are you applying for this internship opportunity? How does it align with your personal, professional, and/or academic interests and advance your goals? Be sure to discuss each placement for which you want to be considered. 

  • What do you hope to learn or accomplish during your internship? What skills or areas of knowledge do you hope to develop or what experiences do you hope to gain? 

  • What is the academic relevance of this proposed experience? How have your academic pursuits prepared you (either through the development of specific skills and knowledge or through liberal arts training)? 

Application Review Process and Timeline

Career Education staff evaluate all applications submitted by the deadline. We review materials and select the most eligible applications to forward to internship partners with the goal of sending 3-5 nominees per open position. Application results and nominations will be communicated to students by December 17, 2020. Career Education forwards nominee resumes and cover letters to host organizations by the end of December. 

In January, host organizations will review student applications and many partners (although not all) conduct interviews. Host organizations will select interns and Career Education will notify nominees of results as we receive them from our partners. Host organizations are asked to communicate their decisions no later than mid-February. 

While some partners have already confirmed that their internships for Summer 2021 will be virtual, decisions for other placements will not come until Spring term. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some internships partners are unsure about whether they can offer an in-person, virtual, or can offer an internship at all (though all hope to do so). We will update this information as we receive confirmation from our partners. The College is also a partner in determining whether funded internships will take place in-person or in a virtual format. It continues to monitor the pandemic closely and we anticipate decisions on summer programming to come during Spring term.