Appointments with Wellesley Career Education

We are delighted that you are scheduling time to speak with a member of Career Education about your plans and interests. Wherever you are in your career journey, there is a member of our team who can support you along your unique path. The following resource will give you a sense of who you can meet with depending on where you are today, along with appointment expectations. You will likely meet with many people in our office over time, who together will provide holistic guidance.

If you are unsure of who the right person is for your first appointment, consider setting up an appointment with your College Career Mentor (if you are a student) or an Alumnae Career Advisor.

1:1 advising appointments

A pre-scheduled appointment is a personalized and dedicated 30-45 minute meeting, intended for an in-depth conversation with a member of our advising team. Meetings may be in-person or virtual. You can reserve an appointment time on Handshake for a discussion with the following staff members. Please note the appointment expectations below.

  • College Career Mentors
    For students who would like to learn more about and reflect on their interests, values, and strengths and/or explore potential career paths in line with this self-knowledge.
  • Career Community Advisors
    For students and alumnae who are seeking industry-specific expertise.
  • Alumnae Career Advisors
    For alumnae who are exploring and seeking general career support.
  • Fellowship Advising
    For students and alumnae exploring or applying for fellowship opportunities. Before booking an appointment, students should begin engaging in independent research. Begin by reading this brief introduction to fellowships.
  • Internship Programs Advising
    For students interested or participating in a Wellesley-sponsored internship program who have questions about the application process, eligibility guidelines, funding details, or program requirements. Students who wish to discuss internships more generally should make an appointment with their College Career Mentor or a Career Community Advisor.  
  • Civic Engagement Advising
    For students interested or participating in Civic Engagement programs who would like to ask questions about opportunities for service, the training process, and more.



Drop-ins are brief 15 minute conversations, typically with one of our College Career Mentors. They are held Monday through Friday between 12:30 – 2:00 pm in Green Hall 441.  Drop-ins are not designed to replace scheduled appointments; rather, they are available to help you answer quick, last-minute, or urgent questions — typically around topics such as resumes, cover letters, or offer negotiation.

Pop-up Advising Hours

Pop-up Advising is similar to drop-ins, in that they are brief impromptu conversations with a designated person in Career Education. Members of our team who hold pop-up advising hours are:

  • Career Community Advisors
  • The Ministrare Council (Civic Engagement)
  • Fellowships program team
  • Internships program team

Unlike drop-ins, pop-ups are held in various locations across campus. Please refer to our event calendar for a list of upcoming pop-up advising sessions.

Appointment Expectations

We understand and value the wide range of commitments that students and alumnae juggle at any given time. We are always available to meet with students to discuss balancing competing time commitments, with the goal of building a strong community that values time commitments. As such, our goal is to maximize access to 1:1 advising appointments, while allowing for scheduling flexibility through Pop-up Advising and Drop-in Hours.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule, we request 48 hour notice so that another student or alumna has sufficient time to claim the newly opened appointment slot.
  • If you no show, we will reach out to check-in and ensure everything is okay.
  • If you no show 3 times within one academic year, we will email to ask that you respond and consider how 3 missed appointments impact you and our community.
  • If we do not hear from you after a one week grace period, your access to appointments through Handshake will be temporarily frozen until we meet with you during drop-ins.

While appointments may be cancelled through Handshake at any point up until 24 hours prior, we and your peers appreciate as much advance notice as possible. We recognize that illness or unforeseen circumstances may arise within 24 hours of your appointment time. In this case, please email the person with whom you are meeting.

Please note that we have a separate webpage dedicated to our community policy for events.