Camilla Koczara ’19, Medical School Student at University of Iowa


3 weeks into medical school and I've:

  • already learned an entire semesters worth of cell bio (yes, all of BISC 220) 
  • shadowed a pediatric ophthalmologist and saw some really cute kids (kids with glasses — like, come on, so cute)
  • decorated my apartment — like, went all out — and organized my kitchen 
  • memorized the entire thorax and abdomen — this include vasculature, bony landmarks, viscera, and innervation — on a real cadaver! 
  • made many mistakes including multiple problems on an exam #oops
  • still don’t have a solid routine — that is a study, eating, exercise, or a social routine
  • made some good friends —ones you eat Thai food and go to aqua Zumba with (not in that order) 
  • and I am loving my new state #GoHawkeyes 

My advice to those applying to med school would be don’t limit yourself. Whether that be regionally or selectivity or what by whatever guidelines you have set for yourself. I had no idea I would be in Iowa for med school a year ago (I got in off the waitlist in May) and here I am. 

Also, things will take time, so don’t rush. Please don’t miss out on the good things Wellesley has to offer. I had prematurely accepted Senior spring that I wasn’t getting in and started making other plans, which might have been all consuming at times (sorry French house roomies). Hey, yes, it was totally a good idea just in case things didn’t work out, but I also missed out on some really good moments. 

So HAVE FUN at Wellesley or wherever you are and just go where the wind blows. Or (here comes an anatomy joke) go where the ureter goes — it goes under the bridge — the bridge being the uterine artery.