Wellesley Career Education Summer Internship Grants (Stipends for Student-Identified Placements)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis, the College will only be supporting virtual internships for summer 2020. Career Education remains committed to helping you gain meaningful, remote professional engagement opportunities in the months ahead. Read our FAQs to learn more about the impact to grant funding. 

Through the ongoing and generous support of our donors, the College is able to offer funding to support unpaid internships which students identify on their own. Many award recipients pursue internships in nonprofit organizations focused on education and other community development areas, but funding is available for opportunities in other sectors both within the United States and internationally, as well. In addition to the stipends, Wellesley Career Education staff provide ongoing professional development and career education training throughout their summer experiences.

To apply for a grant, YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE AN INTERNSHIP CONFIRMED AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION. Applicants awarded grants have until the final day of Spring semester classes to confirm their internship opportunity with the Career Education Office. 

Student Eligibility

  • Grant opportunities are available for all class years (current first-years, sophomores, juniors, & seniors), although there are fewer funding opportunities available for first-years and seniors. 
  • Any major, any field of interest
  • Compelling demonstration of how the experience contributes to academic, professional, and personal development

Qualifying Summer Experiences

  • Grants Program funding can support various unpaid summer experiences, including internships, reseach, and community service. Please review the experience eligibility guidelines for details. 

Stipend Amount: $500 - $5,000; varies by award

Summer Internship Credit Approval: Students participating in this program are pre-approved to receive summer intership credit; the credit request process is integrated in the application process. 


Info Session Webinar

This February 2019 Webinar provides an overview of the grants program for student-identified internships. Answers to questions asked at the Grants Program Q & A webinar can be found here.  Don't forget to also review Grants Program FAQs for answers to common inquiries. 


Arts, Communications, Media

  • Alicia Olivo ’19, Casa 0101 Theater, Los Angeles, CA
  • Cathy Ye ’19, Creative Visions, Malibu, CA
  • Christie Li ’20, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
  • Eve Montie ’20, The Film Posse, Boston MA
  • Margaux Delaney ’20, American Shakespeare Center, Staunton, VA
  • Rainier Pearl-Styles ’19, Bard on the Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Saebom Jeon ’19, SelfMade, New York, NY
  • Stephanie Marie Uhlenbruck ’19, Lichtenstein Creative Media, Cambridge, MA
  • Tabia Smith ’19, Sesame Workshop, New York, NY

Consulting, Finance, Business, Entrepreneurship

  • Fiona Lau ’19, Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX), Singapore
  • Han Di ’20, Oaktree Capital Management/Girls Who Invest, Los Angeles, CA        
  • Lien Dao ’20, An Binh Bank Joint Stock Commercial Bank, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Soumaya Difallah ’20, Unshackled Ventures, Palo Alto, CA

Education, Nonprofit, Social Impact

  • Amelia Cecere ’19, New England Wildlife Center, South Weymouth, MA
  • Anani Galindo ’19, St. Stephen’s Boston, MA
  • Cecelia Negron ’19, ChildSavers, Richmond, VA
  • Charlotte Stout ’20, Rosie’s Place, Boston, MA        
  • Chloe Nosan ’20, Off the Rocks Animal Rescue, Wellesley, MA
  • Daniela Aspiazu ’19, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, DC
  • Emily Prechtl ’20, Public Citizen, Washington, DC
  • Gabriella Nicolaou ’20, Hannah Farm, Long Island, Boston, MA
  • Hannah Stiles ’18, Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc., New York, NY
  • Jiwon Lee ’19, Center for Sustainable Development Studies, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Laura Cassetty ’19, Marine Mammals of Maine, Harpswell, ME
  • Louisa Oppenheim ’20, Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA), Newtonville, MA
  • Madhur Wale ’20, Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC), Armenia
  • Mariah Lin ’19, China Blue Sustainability Institute, Haikou, Hainan, China
  • Rebecca Riley ’20, Massachusetts Advocates for Children, Boston, MA
  • Samantha Muller ’19, Cultivating Community, Portland, ME
  • Shreya Huilgol ’21, Girl Scouts San Diego, San Diego, CA
  • Sarah Winshel ’20, AMKA Primary School, Moshi, Tanzania

Government, International Affairs, Law

  • Catherine Moore Kenyon ’20, U.S. Embassy, Madrid Spain
  • Elizabeth Loizides ’19, Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School, Boston, MA
  • Jailene Lemus ’21, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Downey, CA
  • Jessie Xiao ’20, MA Office of International Trade & Investment, Boston, MA
  • Kalyani Saxena ’20, Office of Boston City Councilor At Large Ayanna Pressley, Boston, MA
  • Kristen Chang ’20, Office of Senator Chuck Schumer, Washington, DC
  • Lena Engbretson ’19, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service, Boston, MA
  • Majaella Ruden ’19, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Conflict & Stabilization Operations, Washington, DC
  • Ninan Pollack ’20, Partners for Justice, New York, NY
  • Violet Sulka-Hewes ’21, The Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, Boston, MA

Health Professions, Public Health, & Life Sciences

  • Halle Arnold ’19, Boston Children’s Hospital, Department of Anesthesia & Critical Care, Boston, MA
  • Hanna May ’19, Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center, Northwell Hospital, New York, NY    
  • Julia Camilli ’20, Georgetown University Center on Child and Human Development, Washington,DC
  • Juniper Ozbolt ’21, Hilo Medical Center Foundation, Hilo, Hawaii
  • Miranda Fry ’19, McLean Psychiatric Hospital, Belmont, MA
  • Ruixi Zhang ’19, Stanford Psychophysiology Lab, Stanford, CA
  • Vienna Thomas ’20, MD Anderson, Department of Gynecological Oncology, Houston, TX 

Technology, Engineering, Physical Sciences

  • Adrianna Valle ’19, Xentric.ai, Santiago, Chile
  • June Kim ’19, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea
  • Laura McGeary ’19, Neolight, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Sydney Kuo ’20, MIT Department of Chemical Engineering, Cambridge, MA
  • Yuxi Xia ’20, Yimishiji, Shanghai, China

Learn more about the funds that support unpaid internships for our students.

The Paul B. Beal and Mona Phillips Beal Internship
This fund has been established to encourage and facilitate practical learning experiences that will help Wellesley College students better define their career choices and develop a more informed understanding of the challenges and rewards of such choices. It is hoped that as a result of internship participation, students also will make more effective course selections at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, learn more from those courses because of the perspective and experience they have acquired in their internship work, and become more competitive candidates for future opportunities in their chosen career paths. Preference for award given to pre-professional students with demonstrated financial need.

The Harold B. Black and Barbara J. Sherlock '72 Pacific Rim Endowed Internship Fund
This fund supports student internships in and about the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Rim cities, islands, nations, and peoples. Preference is given to students receiving financial aid.

Blessing Way Summer Public Service 1993 Internship
This internship supports a Wellesley College student committed to making a difference in her community. The internship will support a student who is interested in working with a nonprofit or a public organization and in building a long-term commitment to service. The internship also supports students who show leadership potential in this area or in past service work. The project can focus on any important issue affecting a community, including youth, environment, education, healthcare, and the arts.

Carolyn Shaw Bell Internship
The Carolyn Shaw Bell Internship encourages and supports sophomores and juniors seeking internship experience in business or economics. This program provides stipends for internships in nonprofit or for-profit organizations.

Class of 1989 10th Reunion Fund
This fund supports one student each summer to experiment in her career choice and gain valuable work experience in either a nonprofit or for-profit organization.

Wei Fong Chu Chao Endowed Fund
This fund supports a Wellesley College student pursuing a summer internship opportunity outside of the United States in for-profit and nonprofit organizations, with preference given to an internship in Asia.

The Kathryn Wasserman Davis '28 Endowed Fund for International Internships
This endowed fund supports Wellesley students pursuing internships with an international focus, with a preference for those with experiences outside of the United States.

Audrey Freedman '51 Endowed Fund for Students in Economics
This fund encourages and supports Wellesley College students who are interested in the study of economics. The internship supports students seeking experience in the field of domestic or international economics during the summer. This award is available in alternating years.

Margaret C. Gordon Law and Education Public Service Award
This fund supports a Wellesley College student committed to serving disadvantaged communities through an unpaid summer internship in public interest law and/or with an urban public school reform or support program. The stipend will enable a student to take an unpaid internship in order to learn more about the legal and educational issues surrounding disadvantaged urban communities.

The Raquet Family Foundation Gift
This gift supports Wellesley College students pursuing internships in the nonprofit, for-profit, and public sectors in the United States.

Susan Todd Horton 1910 Internship Fund
This fund supports Wellesley College students who are U.S. Citizens interested in seeking summer internship experiences in nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Susan Rappaport Knafel '52 Internship Fund
This fund supports Wellesley College students pursuing summer internship opportunities outside of the United States in nonprofit or for-profit organizations.

The Sherley Heidenberg Koteen ’40 Endowed Internship Fund for Jewish Studies at Wellesley College
This fund provides support for either international or United States internships that encourage students to examine the many facets of Jewish civilization through interdisciplinary study of Jewish religion, history, philosophy, art, literature, social and political institutions and cultural patterns.

The Mollie Green Lumpkin '25 Fund for Experiential Learning in Latin America
This fund supports Wellesley College students seeking summer internships in Latin American countries. Preference will be given to those students interested in working in the area of environmental protection and preservation.

The Emily Cohen MacFarquhar ’59 Internship for International Journalism
This internship was established to encourage and support Wellesley College students who have demonstrated an interest in journalism or photojournalism. The stipend provides the recipients with the opportunity to learn about journalism through an internship at an international news organization or to travel in order to document a foreign culture outside the United States. (Note: This internship does not apply to creative writing.)

The Lois Juliber ‘71 Global Internship MasterCard Fund
This fund supports internships focused in the following areas: microfinance, poverty alleviation, financial literacy programs, community-based programs that promote financial empowerment, and youth learning.

Parents' Internship Program
This fund supports unpaid summer career development internships in nonprofit or for-profit organizations with a focus on the career development and exploration of the applicants. Emphasis is placed on first-time experiences within an industry and/or organization.

Elizabeth S. Pforzheimer '59 Fund for Humanities Summer Internships
Created to celebrate the value of humanities fields, the Pforzheimer fund supports internships for two students each summer. The spirit of the award is a commitment to developing one's individual talents, creativity, and self-exploration, allowing humanities majors to explore a wide variety of opportunities where they can translate their liberal arts education into practice. Inaugurated in 2014, this fund supports internships in the humanities for two students each summer at $3,500 each.

The Barbara Scott Preiskel '45 Endowed Fund for Internships
This fund encourages and supports a student seeking internship experience to develop her career goals. This program provides a stipend for any internship that is unpaid, full-time, and meets the career interests of the applicant. The internship may be with a nonprofit, for-profit, or public service organization in the United States. Awards are available for both summer ($4,000) and wintersession internships ($1,000).

Lucas Public Service Internship Fund
This fund encourages and enables Wellesley College students to use their talents and skills in public service. The Lucas Public Service Internship Fund supports students each summer to perform full-time jobs for nonprofit organizations that could not otherwise employ them. Priority is given to applicants whose work relates to young children and their families, particularly those who are economically or otherwise disadvantaged.

Beth K. Smith Internship in Public Service
This award provides students the opportunity to experience work in the nonprofit sector, with the hope that they will continue in this field. In addition, it supports two placements with Social Accountability International in New York City.

The Helen Wallace Health Sciences Internship Fund
This fund supports an unpaid summer career development internship in the health professions with preference for those interested in the maternal and child health field.

The Wellesley College Internship Grant Program
Established through the ongoing support of several alumnae and their families, this program provides funds to students working with domestic and international organizations across nonprofit, for-profit, and public sectors. Awards are given to those demonstrating how they will apply their academic experiences at Wellesley in furthering the goals of those organizations, as well as their own career plans.

Class of 1969 Global Sustainability Internship Grant
This award provides Wellesley students an exciting opportunity to gain real-world experience in addressing complex environmental issues with a non-profit, for-profit, or public service organization. The Class of 1969 seeks students who want to advance their skills, knowledge, and experience in environmental sustainability, stewardship, and/or justice. This internship grant is available to all majors and years. We encourage students with demonstrated financial need to apply.

The Jeniam Foundation Internship Grant
This grant supports students wishing to work in a nonprofit dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment.

The Lumpkin Family Internships for the Environment
This fund encourages and supports Wellesley College students seeking summer internship experiences in nonprofit organizations dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment.

Supported by the Class of 1962 Student Internship Fund and the O’Meara Family Internship Fund, these awards enable the students to take unpaid internships and learn more about government and the important role that women play in the governmental process. The Class of 1962 seeks to sponsor students pursuing a summer internship with an elected woman in a governmental position in the United States at the local, state, or national level. The O’Meara Family fund supports a Wellesley College student committed to making a difference in her state and/or local community by working directly with a woman involved in any aspect of state or local government in the United States. These awards will not be given for volunteer work to support political activities, political parties, or candidates for political office.

The following funds are set aside to support students whose internship and service experiences best reflect the spirit of the Wellesley motto -- Non Ministrari sed Ministrare.

Barbara Bush Award for Volunteerism
This stipend funds a student pursuing a volunteer experience in disability services, with the elderly, or with young children. The placement must be with a non-profit organization.

Class of 1969 Community Service Internship Fund
This fund provides a summer stipend that supports student involvement in community service and encourages community service as a lifelong activity for Wellesley College women. Placement must be with a non-profit community organization.

Joan Freed Kahn '51 Bequest for Public Service Internships
This stipend funds summer placements that offer direct student involvement in frontline community service and/or that foster a spirit of volunteerism. The applicant must intend to pursue an experience in a non-profit organization that involves a particular community, population, or issue related to a personal interest or concern. Priority is given to applicants pursuing a full-time community service experience for the first time.

Oprah Winfrey Award for Volunteerism
This fund provides a summer stipend for a student wishing to explore a volunteer position with a nonprofit social service organization. The award honors the important connection between Oprah Winfrey's speech at the Commencement of the Class of 1997 and the college's motto, "Not to be ministered unto, but to minister." This award will enable a student each year to follow Ms. Winfrey's example of service. This award will not be given for volunteer work to support political activities, political parties, or candidates for political office.