Wellesley Career Education Signature Internship Programs

Wellesley College Internships are funded internships with organizations who consistently offer opportunities to Wellesley students for intern placement. These internship hosts are leading cultural, educational, and scientific institutions; international agencies; media outlets; advocacy and community organizations; and businesses both within the United States and in countries around the world.

Every internship is different. While some placements require a higher level of initiative, autonomy, or definitive project proposals at the beginning of the internship, others are structured to allow their interns the opportunity to explore a greater variety of ways to interact with the organization. In addition to placement with a vetted host, interns from each internship program are engaged through a unique curriculum, career education training, and mentorship for the duration of their work experiences.

Deadline for Summer 2019 Programs: 
Monday, November 26, 2018 at 11:59 pm (Boston time)

Application Opens: Thursday, November 1, 2018



Signature Internship Programs

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The American Cities Program allows Wellesley students to experience the diversity of regions, communities, and cultures within the U.S. Through identified placements in major cities, students’ work experiences directly engage with the particular social, economic, and/or cultural realities of their urban environment. Internships at private, public, and nonprofit organizations give students the opportunity to gain professional experience, create networks for future employment, and cultivate relationships with diverse teams. 

Through full-time, immersive placements with international partners, the Global Citizenship Program offers exposure to a variety cultures, languages, and organizational models, experience with different cross-cultural levels of interaction, recognition of ethical viewpoints and sensitivity as community members and emerging leaders in practical decision-making skills, and self-inquiry around cultural intelligence and dynamic competencies through both work and life experiences. Regardless of country of origin, every Wellesley student should consider herself a citizen of the world. The world population is anticipated to rise to 8 billion people by 2025, with a majority of people living in emerging or developing countries on the Asian and African continent. With this demographic shift, the importance of developing culturally competent leadership will be critical to the overall success of organizations and communities around the world.

The Elisabeth Luce Moore ’24 Summer Internships in Asia program aims to prepare students for lives and careers in a globalized world. Through internships in East Asian business, government, and nonprofit organizations, students gain a knowledge of local business and cultural norms that informs their liberal arts education and prepares them for professions in an interconnected world. The program, which has sponsored internships in China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, and South Korea, was established in 1999 with a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation and builds on ties between Wellesley College and Asia that date from the late nineteenth century.

Designed for sophomores (rising juniors) with a commitment to service, the Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service Learning challenges its cohort to explore and participate in social change in the Greater Boston Area over ten weeks. During the program, students live together in Boston while undertaking full-time internships with local nonprofit organizations. Led by Wellesley College faculty, staff, and nonprofit practitioners, weekly seminars integrating experiential and traditional classroom learning benefit not only the Wellesley interns but also the communities in which they serve. 2018 Placements (2019 Placements TBD)

Developed to expose our pre-health students to professional research opportunities, the Biomedical Research & Health Internships program provides an opportunity for students to learn skills related to research in healthcare today. Interns work with a mentor to conduct basic research in a laboratory or to contribute to the development of a research effort. Interns are expected to become familiar with the research approaches used by their mentors. At the mentor’s discretion, students may: develop a specific project within the research team; have shadowing opportunities with a health professional; and interact with patients and their families through volunteer experiences.