Catherine Woodhouse ’18

Catherine Woodhouse '18

Feeling unsure about your career path? Come see your career mentors to find out more about the SkillScan Assessment and what it can provide for your career search. Below is an interview done by Catherine Woodhouse, a junior majoring in International Relations/Political Science, on her experience with SkillScan and what it’s done to help her with her career path.

1) Why did you take the SkillScan assessment? What were your expectations before taking it?
For a while, I had been struggling with what I want to do when I graduate Wellesley. I thought doing internships over the summer in my prospective fields of interest would show me the answer, but instead, I was left with even more questions and greater uncertainty. After a meeting with one of the Career Education Mentors, I was directed to the SkillScan assessment. To be honest, I really didn’t think it would help. I remember heading into the office thinking, “I already know who I am and what I want, just not the end goal. This is going to be pointless.” But when I sat down, completed the SkillScan, and saw all of these cards laid out on the table, I couldn’t believe how much I really valued certain traits over others, which completely shifted my paradigm of what I wanted in my career.

2) What was it like taking the assessment?
SkillScan is a visualization of what you inherently want from your career. Sure, you want to solve problems, but how do you want to solve them? I personally finished the assessment itself in three minutes, flipping through cards and throwing them in piles based on my gut instinct. I found it to be really eye-opening though, because I have never been asked how much I value “synthesizing”, “consulting”, or “operating equipment”. There were some pretty off-the-wall cards that really made me dig deep and think, “Do I take these concepts for granted? What would happen if I didn’t have these in my daily life?” SkillScan is a great way to bring your mind outside of the rigid path your parents, yourself, or your community have laid out for you.

3) What did you learn about yourself from the assessment? How did it help you?
I learned that I innately value some things I’ve never really even considered. I found that where I’ve grown up and what my parents have instilled in me really play a part in what I hold dear to me, including my passion for collaboration and inventing. This really helped me branch out from my original line of thought to consider other career options, and other paths that may better suit the concepts I value in my life.

4) Would you recommend the assessment to other students? If so, why?
I definitely would! I came into this thinking it wasn’t going to help, and was proven wrong. This assessment gave me other options to consider, and with the knowledge of certain things I value, I can make more informed decisions when looking to my future. If you take the SkillScan assessment and are lost after (the way I was), the mentors are there to help sort the messy piles out and talk through some plausible paths for you to consider.

5) Is there anything else you think students should know?
Well, if you still think the SkillScan wont be helpful, try it out anyway. At least you are advocating for yourself and are open to the possibility that maybe there are some other great options for your future career. And at the very least, you get to hang out with some awesome mentors and eat Swedish Fish on Fridays. You really can’t lose.

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