Civic Engagement: Federal Work Study FAQs

Applications for Fall 2017 FWS are now closed. Students can apply for Spring FWS on the first day of Spring 2018 classes.

If I registered for the Civic Engagement Federal Work-Study program during the last academic year, do I have to go through the registration process this academic year?
Yes, you must go through our approval process each academic year.

How long does it take to be enrolled?
The time differs for a new site versus an already established site. If you are serving with an affiliated group, then it will take a week or two to process after the enrollment deadline. A new site may take longer because Student Financial Services has to create a new “job” so that the position can appear on your payroll in Banner. Any hours worked between the time you submitted your application and the time you are enrolled can be added as retroactive time once you are approved and have access to submit your work-study hours.

Where do I submit my 1-9, W-4 and Direct Deposit forms?
Submit them to Student Financial Services (1ST Floor of Schneider Hall). The Civic Engagement Program does not process them. For more information go to the Student Employment website.  You only need to complete this paperwork once during your time at Wellesley College. Until the Student Employment Office processes these, we cannot enroll you in the Civic Engagement Federal Work-Study Program.

Can I list my commute time to and from service as paid hours?
You can list up to one hour total of your commute for each round trip that you make to your approved placement site.

How do I include my Civic Engagement Federal Work-Study experience on my resume?
There is no one right or wrong way to do this. For example, it could be listed under ‘Work Experience’ or ‘Volunteer Experience,’ or simply, ‘Experience’. If you have more questions about how service fits on your resume, please schedule an appointment through Handshake with one of our staff advisors.

How do I know if I am eligible for Federal Work-Study?
If you are unsure of your eligibility for Federal Work-Study, contact Student Financial Services at or verify it with them at their office, 1ST Floor Schneider Hall.

What is the hourly Federal Work-Study rate for the Civic Engagement Federal Work-Study Program?
$10.00 per hour

Can I apply my federal work-study hours to any volunteering opportunity that I engage in?
No. Only students participating in Civic Engagement service programs are eligible to apply Federal Work-Study benefits to their hours of service.

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