Civic Engagement: Federal Work Study FAQs

Unfortunately due to budget restrictions, Civic Engagement is unable to offer Federal Work Study opportunities during Fall 2020 terms. We are working to determine whether Spring 2021 positions will be available and will provide information when those details are confirmed. Thank you for your understanding.

Am I eligible to receive payment for my Civic Engagement volunteering?
Only students with a current Federal Work Study award who have been accepted into a Civic Engagement service program are eligible. If you have Wellesley Work Study or have received all available funds from your Federal Work Study award, you are not eligible.

If I registered for the Civic Engagement Federal Work-Study program during the last academic year, do I have to go through the registration process this academic year?
Yes, you must go through our approval process each academic year. This allows us to maintain accurate lists of paid volunteers and to confirm that your award is still active.

How long does it take to be enrolled?
The time differs based on the volume of work study students being processed, whether your financial aid award has been finalized, the status of your paperwork, and many other factors. We try to process student employment within 2 weeks of program start dates. Any hours completed before being fully processed can be added as “Student Retro Hours” in Workday (this does not include hours completed in previous semesters).

Where do I submit my 1-9, W-4 and Direct Deposit forms?
Submit them to Student Financial Services (1st Floor of Schneider Hall). The Civic Engagement Program does not process I-9s or W-4s. For more information go to the Student Employment website. You only need to complete this paperwork once during your time at Wellesley College. Until the Student Employment Office processes these, we cannot enroll you in the Civic Engagement Federal Work-Study Program.

Can I list my commute time to and from service as paid hours?
You can list up to one hour total of your commute for each round trip that you make to your approved placement site, as well as one hour of team meeting time per week.

How do I include my Civic Engagement Federal Work-Study experience on my resume?
There is no one right or wrong way to do this. For example, it could be listed under ‘Work Experience’ or ‘Volunteer Experience,’ or simply, ‘Experience’. If you have more questions about how service fits on your resume, please schedule an appointment through Handshake with one of our staff advisors.

How do I know if I am eligible for Federal Work-Study?
If you are unsure of your eligibility for Federal Work-Study, contact Student Financial Services at or verify it with them at their office, 1ST Floor Schneider Hall. The most recent version of your financial aid letter should also contain this information. To find it, go to the Financial Aid tab in the MyWellesley portal. Please also note that awards can change based on changes in your finances, whether you’ve opted for a loan or grant since your last award, and many other factors. Eligibility can therefore change semester to semester. 

What is the hourly Federal Work-Study rate for the Civic Engagement Federal Work-Study Program?
As of 2020 we pay $12.75. As minimum wages increase in Massachusetts our pay rate will reflect those changes. 

Can I apply my federal work-study hours to any volunteering opportunity that I engage in?
No. Only students participating in Civic Engagement service programs are eligible to apply Federal Work-Study benefits to their hours of service.

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